Chalkola Chalk Markers

We’ve used chalk boards with the children to help them write and for playing with but the dust always gets everywhere and the colours aren’t particularly bight. They do need quite a bit of shaking and dabbing before the ink comes out smoothly but once the ink is flowing, the pens write so well.

Chalkola have changed that! They have come up with chalk pens which write beautifully and have the brightest colour and vibrancy to them. They are relatively thick but not too thick that you can’t write with them. I love the way writing and drawings look on glass and chalkboard with these pens.

They stay put!

An advantage of these chalk pens is the fact that once dry, they don’t accidently rub off if you brush past it. To get the chalk off, all you need is a wet wipe or wet cloth and it comes right off. The kids absolutely love these pens and I think they are pretty good too. I would say with young children there is a small tendency to get the ink a little messy as they aren’t as patient as adults at letting things dry.

As a teacher, I thought I would use these more but to be honest, because they need to be wiped clean, and I don’t usually have wipes in my classroom, I’ve not used them as much as I thought I would have. The children love the vibrancy of the colour and they like the huge choice of colours I have but I tend to wipe the board several times a lesson and it’s quicker to use dry erase markers for this.

Overall I think these are brilliant for chalk pens and would definitely recommend them.

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