Christmas crafts for kids

Christmas Crafts perfect for entertaining the children this week!

A few years ago Isabella was desperate to re-decorate our Christmas tree but I was less excited about the idea so we decided to improvise. We cut out a Christmas tree shape from green card and then gave Isabella some paints, stickers and glitter and let her decorate to her hearts content. This was so simple to do and she loved it! For full details, you can see my post here.

You could even make smaller versions of standing trees.

We’ve also been getting ready for the big man himself with some porcelain and glass pens and some plain plates and cups. By drawing your design on the porcelain and then baking in the oven for 30 minutes (180 degrees) and leaving in the oven to cool, you can create perfect permanent designs. I decided to make a Santa’s plate ready for Christmas Eve while Isabella and Benjamin made mugs for their hot chocolate. These have gone down really well and the paint lasts too.

If you’ve still got some wrapping to do, Suzanne from and another ten things has been making her own wrapping paper using brown paper, star cookie cutters, paint and lots of glitter! A really simple but super sweet craft the whole family can get involved in!

Jenni from The Bear and the Fox has been busy making these sweet folded paper angels. These make gorgeous decorations or just make a wonderful craft to fill up the final few days before Christmas. What you’ll need is: 2 pieces of paper, 21cm x 23cm (you can use any paper you like, we used photocopies of sheet music), 1 natural bead with 2cm diameter (this bead is for the face, so could also use e.g. pale pink or brown) 1 colourful bead with 1.5cm diameter (this is just to add a pop of colour, to simplify it even more you could also leave out this bead), 50cm of string (ideally sparkly, if you have, but plain string would also do) and a stapler. If you want step by step instructions, visit Jenni’s page here

Jenny from The Gingerbread House made potato print snowmen last year with her daughter. A simple and creative activity that won’t take long to set up at all. To make these potato print snowmen Jenny used – potatoes, a cookie cutter, white paint and a pack of glitter pens. If you’d like to see exactly how she did it, please check out her post here.

Natalie from Surviving Life’s Hurdles created these lovely tree decorations  from lolly sticks. I know I’ve got plenty lying around the house! So for this craft she used, 3 lollipop sticks (coloured or plain), PVA glue, 3 pipe cleaners (Natalie used some stripy ones from Hobbycraft which she loves and glittery pipe cleaners for the tinsel.  Slim plain brown pipe cleaners were used for the tree trunk), a few sequins and some pom poms, wire cutters, string, ribbon, raffia or yarn (I used some rustic brown string).  For her step-by-step guide, please click here.

Kate has made some DIY Christmas Stones which are cute and easy to do and perfect for inspiration for creating stories. To make these Christmas Stones, Kate used a mixture of both the normal and earthy coloured Chalkola pens to get the colours that I wanted. Although she knew that drawing Father Christmas himself was rather out of her league a Santa hat was enough to give the kids an idea to put Father Christmas into a story, or of course they could use it as a prompt for something else – perhaps the penguin needs a hat!

When you are painting your story stones make sure you leave time between each layer of paint drying otherwise the colours will bleed a bit. If you want the pictures to last then I would probably advise putting a layer of varnish on top once you are done.

Samantha from Stressy Mama has been bust crafting some salt dough decorations. For this craft, Samantha used 1 x Cup of Salt, 2 x Cups of Plain Flour and ¾ to 1 x Cup of Water. You can see her method here.

Emma from The Money Whisperer said her daughter came home from dance camp with this lovely Christmas tree made from old books. If you’ve got any lying around, why not give it a go?

Catherine from Growing Family made these lovely pine cone pom pom decorations – quick, easy and really fun! For this you will need pine cones, mini pom poms (which you can buy from craft stores), and some natural string, plus a hot glue gun for sticking on the pom poms. You can see exactly how she did it here.

So if you’ve got a couple of days between now and Chritmas to fill – why not have a go at some of these festive, fun crafts for the kids? If you have any other ideas for fun craft activities, I’d love to hear them too!







  1. The folded paper angels are a lovely idea, I really love the simplicity of the stones too!


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