Decorate your own Christmas tree

Christmas tree 5I really do love crafting with my little girl especially when I see how much enjoyment she gets from it too so Christmas time (well any holiday really) seems like a perfect excuse to get a little extra craft on!

I love stealing ideas off of Pinterest – it’s FULL of brilliant ideas and I can easily get lost in the world of Pinterest for hours at a time but I saw this idea and had to give it a go, especially as I felt a little mean that we didn’t let her help decorate out actual tree this year – the elves did it overnight!

Decorating your own Christmas tree

Christmas Tree 1

I didn’t have any large pieces of green paper at home so I improvised and taped several pieces together before drawing the basic (yes I’m talking about my drawing skills!) outline of a Christmas tree. Once I was relatively happy with the outline, I cut it out and then cut out some foam baubles in different colours to prepare for the decorating fun to begin. (All of this was done while Isabella slept as she would be too impatient to wait otherwise).

Christmas tree 2

Once Isabella had woken from her nap, she saw the tree and was instantly excited! She got straight to work with some PVA glue and covered the tree in glue before decorating it with baubles. It still looked a little dull so we got some paints out and added a little more colour. (If I did this again, I would certainly do the painting first and the gluing after!!)

Christmas tree 3

The only thing that I did, was put the star on top – everything else, Isabella did by herself and she really LOVED being in control of her own tree. She still shows it off to everyone who comes over.

Christmas Tree 4

I’m thinking of getting her to make some presents to put under the tree too.

This is a really simple but very effective craft and you could use a number of things to decorate the tree with, even empty sweet wrappers! So what’s stopping you? Get crafting!


  1. […] A few years ago Isabella was desperate to re-decorate our Christmas tree but I was less excited about the idea so we decided to improvise. We cut out a Christmas tree shape from green card and then gave Isabella some paints, stickers and glitter and let her decorate to her hearts content. This was so simple to do and she loved it! For full details, you can see my post here. […]

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