Going Back to School in Style

Soon the schools will all start going back after the glorious summer we’ve had. If your children are anything like me or my children, they will love getting all their new back to school gear ready. With my addiction to stationery, it’s no wonder my kids have an affiliation for it too. Isabella will be heading into year 2 and although they don’t need to take pencils and pens into school yet, they are allowed to take a small pencil case of items.

In my mind, it’s important for children to feel excited about returning to school as for some it can be a real worry. Being away from school for so long can cause children to panic about seeing friends, having a new teacher and generally getting back into the school routine but helping them to get excited about school before hand with some personalised products is a great way to help them feel connected to home when they are away.

So for our back to school in style guide we present you with these amazing pieces. Firstly, Isabella has been kindly sent these beautiful back to school gifts from Born Gifted. She has a matching lunchbox, drinks bottle, pencil case and swimming bag as well as some colouring pencils. She loves the pretty pink colour and the fairy image as she says it looks like her. The items are beautifully made and look great too. I don’t know a child who doesn’t love their name on their things.

Out of all these items, I think Isabella is most excited to take the swimming bag into school as she’s been using a unisex animal bag we’ve had for a few years but she’s definitely more of a girlie girl and wants everything to be pretty. As a parent, I love the drinks bottle the most. It has two lid options so you can choose a sports cap type lid or a simple twist off lid. With each choice you can use the attached karabiner to clip the drink to a bag for easy transportation.

We’ve also been sent some gorgeous goodies from Smiggle which Isabella has agreed to share with me! As a teacher, I get through a lot of stationery, especially highlighters so Isabella has said that I am allowed to keep the pack of 4 scented highlighters. These will be perfect for marking and even wrist up  when they are blunt so I won’t run out even when mid-way through marking year 11 essays!

Isabella decided that she needed to keep the 6 scoops of deliciously scented novelty highlighters though as they’d work perfectly in her role-play school and for colouring in her pictures.

Also claimed is the Mermaid Tail novelty notepad. This has become her go to notepad for writing EVERYTHING down. She makes lists an draws pictures and even writes mini stories and keeps it safely tucked under her pillow so no one else can write in it.

The classic double-decker lunch box is perfect for storing lunch and drinks and keeping everything cool. We tend to keep drinks and lunch separate just in case of a spillage. On day trips though we tend to use the double-decker to keep sandwiches and snacks separate. It’s great at keeping food cool and more importantly, it washes easily.

For those of you who need to take a lot of stationery to school, but can never find what you’re looking for, the Shine Multi Compartment Pencil Case will give you the wow factor but also, just like an accordion, will expand wide enough for you to find any piece of stationery you need. With 6 different compartments, you can keep your pens, pencils, highlighters, rulers and more in their own space.

For those of you with children in slightly older years, the Traditional Oxford Maths Set is perfect for ensuring you’re never caught out. The Traditional Oxford Maths set with a colourful twist set includes:

  • Metal self centring compass
  • 9cm HB pencil
  • 15cm Ruler
  • 180 Degree protractor
  • 45 & 60 Degree set squares
  • Lettering stencil
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Timetable/ fact sheet

For those of you  who like slightly more fun erasers, have you seen the Maped Loopy Totem Duo Sharpener and Eraser? It comes with an eraser refill too and will keep you smiling all year.

So here’s our top products for getting ready for going back to school in style. If you’re almost set now but still need to label all your items, have a look and see what we thought about these labels.


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