How to make a gorgeous papercut Christmas wreath

With Christmas coming, I’ve been getting in the mood with a little bit of crafting. I always seem to be make the most crafts during the autumn, from Christmas cards, gift tags, papercut pictures and decorations. I love the way they look and so this year, with the help of >The Christmas Craft Bundle from >Design Bundles, I decided to make my own Christmas Wreath.

I decided to try taking it back to the complete basics. I wasn’t going to buy any extra components to see what I could make from the most basic of papercutting resources. The reason I thought I’d do this is that I often see some really beautiful designs that I want to try and make but I haven’t got the right materials. Of course you can always adapt this to suit you but here’s how I made my Christmas Wreath.

What you need:

Card – as many different greens, browns and reds as you like


Padding (I used some packaging from a delivery but you could use tin foil, cotton wool or strips of old cotton clothing)

A glue gun (and glue)

A Cricut or similar machine

I used some designs from The Christmas Craft Bundle to help me make this design

Getting set up

The first thing I did was look through the amazing array of clip art, quotes and images available from The Christmas Craft Bundle; there are thousands of images so be prepared to get side tracked with lots of other Christmas related ideas you’re going to have! My advice is to try looking first in the ‘clip art’ folder as this is where most of my images came from for this particular craft.

After I had uploaded the relevant images to my design space, I had a little play around with some quotes to include in the middle of the wreath. I also used the splice tool within the design space to make solid holly leaves as well as the outlines that were in The Christmas Craft Bundle. Although this can sometimes be a little fiddly, I think the end result was brilliant. It meant I could have a variety of different looking leaves all from the same design.

Start Cutting

Once I had settled on a rough design, I began cutting out the basic design and building it up on a flat surface layer by layer to get an overall feel of how much I needed and what else to add.

Having cut most of my paper, I needed to create a setting for the wreath. Now this is where you could go out and buy a wreath ring but I decided to upcycle some of the recycling I had at home. I cut a ring out of cardboard and used some plastic wrapping that would have otherwise been thrown away to wrap around the cardboard ring.

Once I had a rough shape, I began wrapping string around it for a more natural look. I used my packing string that I had left over from wrapping gifts but this would also work with gardening string or wool.

Glue it down

With my wreath ring ready, I began layering up my design. Again, I wanted to check the rough design before I began gluing it all down but once I had laid out the bottom layer and was happy with the rough outline, I began to glue it all together with the hot glue gun. Once I had layered it all up as I wanted it, I added a little bit behind the ring to give it a bit of depth. Then it was ready to hang. The best part being that as it’s made with string at the back, it doesn’t need any special hanging hooks, it can just be placed onto a tack already in the wall. Alternatively, use poster tape to stick it to a wall without using any nails at all.

So there you have it! My Christmas wreath. Now I’ll be starting to make my Christmas cards ready to send out!


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