How to make a nappy cake

Want to know how to make a nappy cake?


I wanted to give my sister-in-law a unique gift before her baby arrived and after lots of research, I decided to make her a nappy cake fully of useful goodies for when her baby arrived.

These are a brilliant idea and a great centerpiece to any baby shower gift table.

To make your nappy cake, I would use a size 2 or 3 nappy just in case the baby doesn’t fit in size 1.

nappycake 4a

1. Roll each nappy in a loose but secure roll and tie secure with an elastic band.

2. Place either a bottle or baby hair brush in the middle of about 6-8 rolled nappies (depending on how tightly you have rolled them) and secure those together with an elastic band. Try and leave a little of the bottle or hairbrush sticking out of the nappies so you can secure the second layer to the base.nappycake 3a

3. Make a further ring of nappies around the first ring (between 12-14 nappies) and secure with a large elastic band. (You can add a third ring, depending on how big you want your nappy cake to be).
(HINT: Use a larger elastic band for this as you don’t want the outside of the cake to look squashed.)

4. Now you can cover the base of the cake with a baby towel or blanket to make it look like the icing on the cake and secure with ribbon – you may need an elastic band under the ribbon to ensure it stays together (some people prefer to just tie the nappies with a ribbon and leave the nappies on show).Nappy cake 2a

5. Once the icing is on the bottom layer of the cake, place a further 6-8 rolled nappies around the remaining visible section of bottle or hairbrush and secure with an elastic band. (If you have used three rings of nappies on the bottom layer, add a second ring for the top layer).
6. Ice the top layer of the cake with baby clothes, muslin cloths bibs etc and top with a cuddly toy or pair of baby booties.Nappycake 5a

7. You can then add any finishing touches like dummies, baby wash, talc, teethers etc and use ribbon to hide any remaining visible elastic bands.

I used a piece of cardboard to place under the whole nappy cake to make it easier to transport.

This took me a couple of hours to do after trying several different methods to get the cake to stay together but it was well worth it!NAPPY CAKE 1

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding nappy cakes, please don’t hesitate to contact me or email me your finished product and I can add it to the website 🙂
whatmummythings@gmail.comNappy cakeHere are a couple of other cakes I’ve madeNappy cake 3


  1. Sarah Williams says:

    After seeing this article I thought I would give the nappy cake a go for my friends upcoming baby shower! It worked really well, I decided to use a few more nappies for a slightly larger cake. Other items I used include bibs, vests, baby talc, shampoo, body wash, mits, a comforter for the top of the cake and some Muslins for icing! I tied some decorative ribbon around each tier to hide the elastic bands as suggested above, which really finished it off beautifully! I then put the cake in the middle of a hamper full of even more goodies!

    Thanks for the fantastic idea! She’s going to love it!

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