Make your own Christmas Cards with Font Bundles

This year has been one like most of us have never experienced before and we’ve not been able to see our loved ones nearly as much as we would have liked. Since we haven’t managed to see people as much, I think I’m going to be sending out more Christmas Cards than I have ever done before! Over the past few years, there has been more of an inclination to give to charity rather than send Christmas cards but this year, I feel sending something personal could really make someone smile.

So, if you are looking at sending Christmas Cards this year but you want to send something a little more personalised, why not choose an amazing fancy font from the ones available from Font Bundles. There are a few different places on the internet that you can find different fonts however, one of my favourite places to look is Font Bundles! There is such a variety in fonts to choose from including some amazing FREE fonts so you can design a wide variety of different cards and you can either print them off or, if you have a Cricut machine (or similar), you can download the fonts and get really creative!

All of the fonts available at Font Bundles come with a commercial licence so whether you are just sending to friends and family, or if you do decide you want to sell your crafts, you don’t need to worry about whether or not you have the relevant permissions or not! I find this particularly helpful as you can be certain that you won’t get in trouble for using a font without having the relevant licence and you don’t have to keep lists or notes on your projects to ensure you don’t sell something without the right protection.

Could things get any better?

Yes! With some fonts due to the special characters used or super swirly font, you might need additional software to get the fonts to work but at Fond Bundles you just have to look out for the little blue ticks underneath the fonts ; these mean that the fonts are all PUA encoded. Simply put, this means that you don’t need any additional software like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator to get the fonts. Just download them to your computer and you are away! Font Bundles are leading the way in getting font creators to open up their fonts fully by making them PUA Encoded so they are more accessible to craft enthusiasts alike.


So, I had a look through all the available free fronts and there are so many fun designs! My personal favourites though have to be: Jolly Unicorn, Nostalgia, Candy Christmas, Christina, Timberly, Basyirah Script and Court side. I’ve been playing around with a few of the fonts for my Christmas card designs and here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

Sometimes with cards, simplicity is best. Jolly Unicorn is a fun and playful font which is a bit relaxed and makes a beautiful Christmas Card. I love this font for cards that I am going to add embellishments to. We decided to cut some simple cards with a little added pattern to the outer edge and let the children add some Christmas embellishments. This has resulted in a really beautiful but simple Christmas Card which looks great.

Sticking with the simple designs, Court Side is a beautifully playful handwritten font. What I love about this font is how it’s easy to read and has such a simple charm that you can add it to complex designs and it won’t detract from the design but instead adds to the overall look of the card. This Christmas Jumper card was the perfect design to use Court Side with as it really compliments the hand-drawn effect of the jumper too.

If you’re looking for designs with a little more complexity, or if you’re looking for fonts you just want to print, we had lots of fun with the Candy Christmas font. This one looks like candy canes and screams Christmas to me. It’s certainly sweet and perfect for cute Christmas cards that the children love. My two wanted to make a card to send to Santa just to make sure he knew where to stop.

Want to give it a try?

If you want to give making cards a try this year and have a Cricut machine, here’s how I made mine.

The most important part is finding a fun or fancy font that you want to use. Once you have made your choice, download the font to your computer. You might need to restart your computer after you download to ensure that you can access the font properly. The downloading process is so quick and easy. I tend to download all of the fonts I think I might want to use before then restarting my computer.

After restarting the computer, I will then design plan my designs on the computer. If printing, I would tend to just use Microsoft Word but for my more complex paper cut cards, I use Cricut Design Space. I will play around with fonts and images before splicing and welding my designs together.

I also find it useful to make all my cards different colours on Cricut Design Space irrespective of what colour I am going to cut them as Design Space sorts the cuts by colour. If I’m cutting multiple cards, I will save them all on the same ‘mat’ so I don’t have to keep switching between mats.

What do you think of my finished products?


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