Make Your Own Teething Necklace

teething4 copyWhat you will need for your teething necklace:
• a piece of fabric at least 44 inches long (this can be one piece or lots of different pieces sewn together)
• beads: 1 inch (9 ish)
• ribbon: 2 feet
• scissors, sewing machine (can be done by hand but it’s a lot more time consuming and tricky)

1) First cut your fabric into a 3.5 inch X 44 inch strip and fold so that the fabric is inside out.

2) Sew it using a 1/4 inch seam. Then, just to be safe, sew it again at 1/8th inch. If you want to be really sure sew it a third time (but this isn’t necessary).

3) Then turn it back the right way (you can use a safety pin to help you) and tie a knot about 4 inches from one end.

4) Once you have that first knot, you can start putting your beads into the fabric. Add one bead at a time and tie a knot tightly after each bead (to help make the knot tight, you should twist the fabric before tying the knot).

5) Continue doing this until you have the required amount of beads and around 4 inches of fabric left.

6) Cut two lengths of ribbon about a foot long per length. Tuck your ribbon into each end of the necklace so it reaches the first bead on either side and sew into the lining. I would sew at a few different intervals to make sure it is really secure.

7) Then tie in a pretty bow and you are done!

Image: Amanda Brydon


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