Making a Quiet Book

I made this last year but it has to be one of my best makes to date. I had been serching for inspiration for ways to keep my daughter entertained on trips and came across quiet books; I hadn’t heard of them before but the more I looked into it, the more I liked them.

Firstly, I took a trip to Hobby Craft and bought some A4 sheets of felt and some stickers and other items I was going to use in my quiet book.

Next, I borrowed a sewing machine; I hadn’t used one since leaving school so it took a little bit of practice but I got there in the end. I used Pinterest to gather up lots of examples of pages I could make and made a shortlist of pages I thought Isabella would enjoy and be able to do.

I found one of my best purchases was a fabric pen that disappeared after a few hours of being drawn, that way it didn’t matter if I didn’t quite cut the fabric exactly. I also found that drafting it out on paper first really helped me get the sizing and shape right for the basic outlines.

Once I had my outlines drawn, I cut the fabric and started sewing. I did make a few errors on my first couple of pages – I stitched the pages together before finishing the sewing details which meant I had to use super glue on a few things. I think I was just a little eager!

After making enough pages for it’s initial outing, I looked at making the cover. I wanted it to have a handle so Isabella could hold it as well as keeping everything together and after a few attempts, came up with this:

I used felt inside a larger fabric outer so the cover had some rigidity but was malleable too. One big recommendation is to build in a spine wide enough to fit multiple pages in at a time without squashing them.

I finished it off with some rings that I could re-open when I wanted to change the inside pages.

 This was a simple outline that I cut out and glued on – this is one of the pages I was a little over eager with and should have sewn instead. I have different leaves to signal the different seasons. You can talk about colours, shape, seasons and count the leaves too. A nice simple page to start off with.
  I really love this page, it’s simple but Isabella loves it. It’s a case of matching the socks but you can also pretend to wash them and you could even have a little line and peg them on a washing line?!IMG_9627.JPG  I liked the idea of this page more than I actually like the page as it doesn’t really offer a lot of scope. You can talk about animals and colours and Isabella will play with the animals for a bit and sing but she gets quite bored with this page quite quickly. Plus it was one of the hardest pages to make and wasn’t overly successful!  This is a great page for those children who like clips and fastening things; Isabella had a real fascination for clips so she loved this page. Just make sure the clips are easy enough for little hands to work on their own.  The ladybird page is great for counting and also for exploring the idea of babies in animals.  This is one of my favorite pages; Isabella will sing but we have also started looking at telling the time and she’s fascinated by it.  A lovely page for exploring colours as well as counting.  


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