Motherhood – Celebrating World Poetry Day with Viking

Before World Poetry Day, Viking got in touch and asked if I’d collaborate with them in order to help celebrate the wonderful world of poetry.

They sent through a gorgeous stationary kit (which I couldn’t wait to use!)

We were given a mini canvas and stand, a gorgeous gold feather caligraphy pen, a vairety of other pens, some paper and stick on pearls.

Now I love writing and reading but trying to put together something for World Poetry Day just proved rather tricky so a lovely friend of mine wrote this poem about motherhood.

“I’m your mummy”
I said to this newbie
All swollen and red
As you lay next to me
in the hospital bed.

“I’ll do my best”
I promised to you
On our first few days
As a new team of two.

“I’m not sure I can”
I ashamedly said
To your daddy as you finally
Lay tucked up in bed.

“You’re doing amazingly”
He said with a smile
“Give it some time
All this is worthwhile”

Ups and downs like you don’t understand
Until you have a little one, holding your hand.
Looking to you for advice, hugs and play
Fun and tears to be had on the way.

Motherhood’s a challenge –
The hardest you’ll do
Come and share your memories
We’d love to hear from you!

I hope you liked it, and as we said, come and share your ‘Motherhood Memories’ – we really would love to hear them!

If you’d like to find out more about World Poetry Day, why not take a peek here and see what Viking have to say!

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