Nifty Craft Projects For The Summer

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During the summer time, depending on the age of your kids, they’re going to have a lot of free time! They won’t be at school, and they won’t have any homework to get on with, and there’s a good chance any hobby clubs are going to be taking a break as well. So what do you do? When you have a house filled with bored and energetic kids who want something to get on with? 

Well, you get the craft materials and tools out, and you get to making up some summery craft projects. Christmas isn’t the only theme out there, and there’s a lot of creativity you need to expend! Here’s just a few recommendations to get you started. 


Beach Themed Animal Decorations

It’s the summer time, and nothing seems to enchant the kids more than the idea of the beach. The sun, the sand, the crashing and rolling waves… It’s a magical picture for little minds!

So, make sure you incorporate these themes into your summer craft projects. Get some crayons and a bit of paper out, and ask your children to draw what they think a jellyfish or a crab looks like. Whip some paper mache together, and under supervision, allow them to make sea creatures and common seaside birds out of the mush! As long as there’s some kind of beachy vibe to whatever you’re putting together, the kids are going to have a lot of fun. 

A Birdhouse

The summer time brings a lot of creatures out. It makes creepy crawlies come out of the woodwork, and makes the birds fly high in the sky, and crowd around anyone who’s eating chips out in the open! And so, why not roll with this? If your garden has a lot of bird visitors on a daily basis, encourage the kids to make them a place to stay.

You might have to invest in some special craft supplies for birdhouse purposes, but there’s a lot to be said about the power of milk bottles/cartons, and just bits of leftover cardboard, if they’re going spare. And then the kids can paint and draw and cut to their heart’s content; make it a competition, and the best decorated gets a chocolate egg! 

Paint Those Flower Pots! 

And last, but not least, comes an old staple of the summer time crafting scene. If you or your partner are big on gardening, and you’ve got some spare flower pots in the shed, break them out for your kids to put to good use. It’s a great way to exercise a bit of their creative energy, and teach them the ins and outs of how painting works.


Let them throw colours around, and draw all kinds of flowers and fruits and beetles and spiders. Ask them what they’d like to plant in the pot once they’re done – it could turn into an entire summer excursion, with a tall sunflower to show for it!


Remember, the summer time is perfect for crafting! If you’re looking for any other money saving tips, check out Rhian and her top tips.


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