Valentine’s Crafts for Toddlers

I love a good crafting activity and I’m so excited that Isabella loves it too and she is really starting to get the hang of crafting; I just have to try my hardest not to take over get too involved and let her experiment and investigate colours, textures and more on her own.

We have been looking at crafts especially for Valentine’s Day and were lucky enough to besent a pack of crafting goodies from Baker Ross to get us started so we’ve entered into the spirit of Valentine’s a little early.

Because I wear glasses, Isabella has always had a fascination with glasses and wants to wear them when she goes out so we often have days where we compliment an outfit with some sun glasses but Baker Ross have given us the perfect substitute – we’ve been making love bug glasses that she can dress up in and wear around the house.


This was a really simple craft to do and there was no mess (apart from the sticker backs) to tidy up either!! Because of the ease of the task, Isabella really felt she had total control over her glasses and thoroughly enjoyed the task.

HEart Card2


imageWe’ve also been creating some cards (especially for Daddy!) and a really lovely idea is a simple thumb print on a card with the text ‘Thumb-body loves you’. You can make it as plain or decorative as you like but we kept it quite simple with just two thumb prints that I then drew limbs and a face on walking along a strip of grass. Because Isabella wanted to then carry on with the finger painting, I let her decorate the envelope with her own unique finger print designs. This again can be a relatively clean craft to do with your little one, especially if you use a finger paint pad, as there is no spillage.

HEart card

Isabella also has a real fascination with PVA glue so a great craft idea involving glue is either drawing stems on a piece of paper or using green string or pipe cleaners to create the stems of a bouquet of flowers. Then give your little one lots and lots of pink and red hearts which you can cut out of card, paper, tissue paper etc and you can get them to stick the hearts on top of the stems to create a beautiful heart bouquet; add a bow (maybe some glitter if you’re brave enough) to give it the final touch and you’re done! This could be a card or picture for a frame depending on what you’re looking for.

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