AD Paradise Wildlife Park Review- Hertfordshire

A wonderful fun family day out. We were lucky enough to be gifted some tickets to visit Paradise Wildlife Park over the Easter holidays and we had such a lovely day. There is so much to see and do you can easily spend the whole day here and not see the same things twice (although you may wish to!).

Paradise Wildlife Park is a family run animal park in Hertfordshire with a passion for conservation. As well as providing us with a fun filled day out, they support many conservation projects to help raise money to support projects in the UK and worldwide.

The Animals

We began our day by looking round the animal enclosures. Our favourites had to be the big cats though. We were so lucky to see all of the big cats out in the open and quite close up too. There were tigers, snow leopards, jaguars and white tigers – as well as a new enclosure for some white lions coming soon. The children really enjoyed being able to not only see the animals on the ground but also from different vantage points. Many of the enclosures have bridges you can climb to see the animals from a different perspective. This was especially helpful for the big cats as most were laying on top of their mounds soaking up the sun.

Another great enclosure was Amazon and Beyond. The children loved watching the gibbons swinging through the cages and often tried to imitate their calling too. There really are some super sweet animals and the information plaques are perfect for small children beginning to learn more about the animals.

From a parental perspective, the park is well laid out with plenty of space so you don’t ever feel like the park is too full. You will always get to see the animals and you never feel like you have to jostle your way to the front just to catch a glimpse.


After we visited the animals we sat down for some lunch. We decided to eat in the park and not bring a packed lunch. We decided on pizza and while they were absolutely delicious, just look at their faces, it was an expensive lunch. If you’re not looking at spending a lot when in the park, I would stick to a packed lunch and then top up with ice creams or snacks and coffee throughout the day.

World of Dinosaurs

After lunch, we wondered through the new World of Dinosaurs. This was amazing. There are life-sized animatronic dinosaurs ranging from your velociraptors and T-rex to the triceratops and pteranodon. There’s even a little train which will drive you past all the dinos too (for an additional £2 pp). A lot of thought has obviously gone into the creation of the World of Dinosaurs and my two couldn’t get enough of it. Benjamin in particular loves dinosaurs and this just sparked his curiosity even more.

Having got up close and personal, the children then sat for a while digging for dinosaur bones while the adults had a drink. Although not the largest sandpit, there was plenty of room (and accessories) for all the children to play at being palaeontologists. This little resting place is super especially on a scorching day. It offers a quiet place to shelter from the shade for a short while whilst still keeping the children entertained.



We always like to leave the play parks and playgrounds to the end of our visits. We spent a  long time visiting the Pirates Cove play area in the afternoon and the children loved zipping from one are to another. Again, there is plenty of space for all the children to enjoy the equipment without having to fight over it. Isabella particularly liked the wooden ‘obstacle course’ at the end of the park. She spent ages completing the course over and over again to get a better ‘time’.

Once we were suitably hot, we stopped for ice cream and a super quick dip in Paradise Lagoon. Ed and I say and watched as the children braved the chilly water. Although we went on a hot day, it was still April and the water was freezing. This didn’t put off lots of the children though! Ours played in the pool for a little but Isabella felt the cold quite quickly and wanted to get out. Benjamin persevered for a little longer but we didn’t stay too long. I bet this is perfect during the summer though. A hidden gem in the middle of paradise.


My only criticism of the whole park though is the toilets. I’m not sure if it was just a one off but the female toilets near the safari diner were terrible. One was entirely blocked up with toilet paper and filthy water literally up to the top of the toilet seat and most of the other toilets didn’t flush well. We used the toilets a few different times over the day and the blockage wasn’t attended to at all that day. I’m hoping this was just a blip though and that most of the time the toilets are well looked after.

As I said, we really did have such a wonderful family day. There is so much to do, you can rest assure that you’ll sleep well!


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