Dick Whittington at The Wycombe Swan

For a spectacularly fun family afternoon, Dick Whittington offers fantastic musical numbers and all the glitz and glam you could ask for in a Panto.

The set sparkled from start to finish and so did the cast (especially the Spirit of Bow Bells) making this such a wonderful panto for the whole family to enjoy. With jokes for young and old, slapstick comedy and a heartfelt storyline, we all laughed and smiled along the journey with Dick and Alice. There was, like all pantos, the obvious inuendo aimed at the adults which were just the right side of rude for a family show – to be honest, it went right over my kids’ heads.

As well as the scripted humour, there were a few real laugh out loud comedy errors which, although a little awkward for the cast, made the whole audience guffaw. Idol Jack (played by comedian Adam Booth) getting stuck behind the screen and later on losing his legs were just a couple of the unscripted moments which for me makes the show even funnier and the characters endearing.

Of course Curtis Prichard, who plays Dick Whittington, is convincing in role and plays a character who journeys to London to become the Lord Mayor. While chasing the impossible, he also has to try and outwit the evil rodents and their king, to win Alice’s heart (played by Mikshake star Kiera-Nicole Brennan).

As wonderful as he was though, for my two, King Rat, played by Jo Parsons, completely stole the show. He was scary and evil but they just seemed drawn to his captivating persona. He played King Rat with just the right amount of darkness and evil. The children loved to hate him and were literally on the edge of their seats every time he made an appearance. Although there were children around us who found King Rat too scary and hid on their parents’ laps.

It wouldn’t be a panto without the humour that comes from the dame and as adults, I think Dame Sarah Fitzwarren’s charm and eccentricities were pitched perfectly. She could have been lost on the little ones though. Idol Jack was on hand to provide all the laughs from the little ones  though and keep the children engaged. Comedian Adam Booth brings a real cheeky chap to the stage and is full of innuendo and dodgy puns.

In the second half we were completely captivated by the underwater narrative and shocked to be met by a gargantuan shark. This was so phenomenally delivered and was totally unexpected but really was a wonderful piece of theatre.

Ending the show with a glitzy number was spectacular and the children absolutely loved it. They were dancing and bobbing along and it really got us into the Christmas spirit.

If you are yet to book a pantomime, head on over to The Wycombe Swan as Dick Whittington is on the stage until 5th January and it’s sure to delight the whole family!


  1. Good review of a very well-staged panto, but Jack getting stuck behind the screen and losing (NOT ‘loosing’) his legs were not unscripted, they were just made to seem as if they were. Exactly the same thing happened in later performances.

    • Thanks for pointing out the typo and, yes, someone else also mentioned to me that these ‘unscripted’ moments happened in later performances. Either way, I though it was a lovely panto and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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