Majorca’s Hidden Gems

Are you looking for somewhere exciting to go to this summer? Sometimes some of the most interesting places can be found by in the least likely locations. Often Majorca is overlooked as a destination due to some very commercial resorts but take a closer look and you will find some beautiful but well-hidden gems like Port de Pollensa Beach.

Photo credit Lyndsey from Me Him the dog and a Baby

Photo credit Lyndsey from Me Him the dog and a Baby


You could take a trip to Formentor in Puerto Pollensa – a truly stunning cove for the perfect lazy day. You can get access to this cove using the public bus from Puerto Pollensa, boat or by car if you have one. Once there, you will experience the beauty of the bay and the picturesque scenery; you can spend the hours on the beach or swimming in the crystal clear water.

If you’re not one for going on day trips further afield, why not head down to the beach? There are lots to choose from especially once you pass the post but if you prefer a smaller beach, the one along the pinewalk is a lot smaller. There are water sports activities available to keep you entertained or you can just sit back and relax soaking in the sun.

The Caves of Drach

One of the more popular tourist attractions, yet one of the most remarkable are The Caves of Drach. It’s believed that these caves, located on the east coast of Majorca were formed over 5 million years ago; the caves span about 1,200 meters with a maximum depth of 25 meters below ground level. What sets the caves apart from others is the large underground lake; Lake Martel is considered one of the largest underground lakes in the world. Debbie from My Chaotically Eclectic Life thought it was an amazing day out but recommends this trip for children over 5.

If you want to escape the busier tourist locations, you could always try Palma’s hiking trails. Here you will be able to explore rural village life and discover hidden beaches. Hiking around the mountain trail you will be able to take in the stunning scenery and admire the landscape all while learning about the history before taking time out to taste the local pastries and enjoy a refreshing drink.

Els Calderers

Another one of Majorca’s hidden gems comes in the form of a 18th century manor house – Els Calderers is a country house and petting farm in central Majorca. Once at the centre of a wine estate, Els Calderers manor house is now a museum of Majorcan furniture and traditions. Whilst there you can visit the wine cellar, bakery, chapel and wash house as well as taking in the main house. There are a selection of farm animals in the out buildings to visit and plenty of lush gardens to wander around.

So if you’re looking for a summer holiday to Majorca, why not seek out a few of Majorca’s hidden gems and see exactly what it has to offer. Holiday Gems has plenty of cheap holidays to Majorca 2019 so what’s stopping you?

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