Top 5 school day trips in Hertfordshire

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School trips are an exciting and important part of school life. Taking your students outside of their everyday classroom environment gives them an opportunity to engage with the world and interact with new types of learning and cross-curricular activities. A well-planned away-day should be fun, inspiring and educational. Hertfordshire offers some of the best school day trip destinations in the UK. Here are five suggestions to get you started.

St Albans Museum and Gallery

St Albans Museum and Gallery is a leading centre for arts and culture at the heart of one of Britain’s most historic cities. Loved by students and teachers alike, their ever-popular cross-curricular programmes for students of all ages include experience days, such as The Market and History on Trial.

The Market is an interactive session where your class will experience the hustle and bustle of Verulamium’s vibrant market. Students will don traditional costumes and visit different stalls discovering a variety of Roman items, from food, clothing and household objects to pastimes and hobbies. History on Trial takes place in the museum’s unique Courtroom and holding Cells, which are the perfect backdrop for your students to investigate changes in crime, punishment and justice over time. It is beneficial to combine a tour of the museum with one of these interactive sessions. Additional experiential lessons include Archaeology and Artefacts, A Prehistoric Journey and The Tremendous Toy Shop.

Frogmore Paper Mill

Young minds will be stimulated at Frogmore Paper Mill, which stands exactly as it was at the end of the 19th century. It is the world’s oldest mechanised paper mill and the birthplace of paper’s industrial revolution. This vintage working paper mill is an intriguing place for students where they will be immersed in the fascinating history of paper and paper-making. Students will learn all about the processes and the power sources that have played a role in the thousand years of industrial heritage that Frogmore has witnessed.

They will also be exposed to letterpress printing, its history and its practise. This interactive experience will teach the art of making handmade paper and students will have the opportunity to make their own sheets of paper by hand, using professional moulds.

Warner Brothers Studio Tours, London

LEAVESDEN, UK – JUNE 19TH 2017: Visitors wander through the Diagon Alley movie set, at the Making of Harry Potter Studio tour at the Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden, UK, on 19th June 2017.

Discovering the world of Harry Potter is the ultimate school day out. Students will be mesmerised by the Great Hall, and will love exploring the magical Forbidden Forest and wandering through Diagon Alley.

School trips at Warner Bros Studio Tours are designed to educate and delight. Students get to experience the world-famous authentic sets and extraordinary artistry, technology and talent that went into creating the Harry Potter film series. The tour includes an activity passport, a Golden Snitch hunt and a green-screen broom ride experience to capture those perfect photographs.

In addition to the tour, an hour-long lesson can be booked with over four subject areas to choose from. Taught on-site by award-winning, qualified teachers, the subject areas include English, Business, Art and Design, and Film and Media. Every lesson includes links to the current national curriculum, key stage learning objectives and exam board specifications.

The Lincolnsfield Centre

Imagine being able to take your students back to war-time England in the 1940s to experience what life was like as a child evacuee. The Lincolnsfield Centre offers a unique, hands-on Children at War Evacuee Experience, which is the only one of its kind in the UK. It is fun, safe and exciting, and covers a range of national curriculum topics at key stages 1 and 2.

Children and teachers are encouraged to arrive in period 1940s dress to enhance and recreate the atmosphere of the evacuation. It also makes for fabulous, authentic-looking photographs that children will treasure.

Paradise Wildlife Park, Broxbourne

Billed as the UK’s most interactive zoo, Paradise Wildlife Park is a hub of interactive learning, providing an exciting opportunity to inspire students and their teachers. Paradise Wildlife Park takes a hands-on, interactive approach to learning and offers a variety of presentations to complement the national curriculum. Attractions to look out for include the big cats and the Angkor Reptile Temple, which houses tarantulas, geckos, lizards, cockroaches, scorpions, Giant African Snails, tortoises and an impressive range of snakes. The park also has one of the UK’s biggest and most spectacular Animatronic dinosaur attractions. Set in acres of natural woodland, this exciting attraction features 30 life-size, moving and roaring dinosaurs!

With these five fantastic locations to choose from, planning your next imaginative yet educational expedition has never been easier. School day trips are an essential part of learning and these interesting, innovative away-day ideas will assist you in creating lasting memories while delivering real educational value, therefore enhancing and encouraging learning.

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