Magic Santa Letter: Review and 25% discount code

With Christmas not that far away, I thought it was time I shared my first Christmas related post!

I know I’m a little late to the game but in previous years, I haven’t been organised enough to send off for letter from Santa to give to the children. This year however, the kind helpers over at Magic Santa Letter have already sent me letters for them to open closer to Christmas and start to ramp up the excitement before Christmas.

We absolutely love Christmas time and all the magic that children bring to it so anything that helps to create more excitement will go down well in our home. A personalised letter from the big man himself is such a special extra touch and I’m sure the children will cherish these for a long time yet.

Magic Santa Letter

Options Available

Magic Santa Letter offer three different options on their home screen. You have the Standard Magic Santa Letter, the Truly Magical Santa Letter or the Baby’s First Christmas letter. These start at £4.99 and go up to £8.99. We have the Truly Magic Santa Letters and we could have chosen from three pre-written letters or the choice to fully personalise your letter and write it yourself. My favourite option is the fully personalised option because then you can add special touches and hint at things only the real Santa could know.

The other options available allow you to add your child’s name, hometown, sex, age and the wording ‘present’ or ‘gift’ or of it fits, the name of the toy your child has asked for. Because some of the letters talk about your mum and dad, there is the option to choose a letter to be written from a single parent home too.

Magic Santa Letter

Simple and Fast

The ordering process was really quick and easy. We typed in the details we wanted, ensured the preview looked great and added the items to the basket. You can choose the date of delivery that suits you and then sit back and await delivery.

Brilliant Quality

I was really impressed with the quality of the letters when they landed on the doorstep. They come in authentic old envelopes with Santa’s stamp on from the North Pole to match the letter inside. The letters themselves are printed on thick paper which has been die cut to have a scroll effect. The letters are so beautiful and I can’t wait to see the children’s faces when they receive them. I’m also going to store thee away in a keepsake box I have for each of them as it’s such a beautiful item to look back on. If I could be picky about one thing, I would say it would have made it even more authentic if the wax stamp was real rather than printed but the children probably wouldn’t notice!

With the Truly Magical Santa Letter, you also receive a pouch of Magical Reindeer food, a Magical ‘Good Child Certificate’, a ‘Santa Stop Here’ door hanger and 4 free colouring pages for your child to get creative with. These additions are sure to get your little ones excited and ready for the big day. We are going to leave the reindeer food out on Christmas Eve along with a treat for Santa.

I love these letters from Magic Santa Letter and with my children being 5 and 2 and a half, I think they will be absolutely thrilled to receive a personalised letter from Santa too. You can even use this code (L25OFF) to receive 25% off your order making each Truly Magical Santa Letter just £5.99!

So get yourself in the festive sprit and make sure you don’t miss out by ordering before 18th December!

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