Square Snaps Polaroid Prints

Do you miss the Polaroid style photo? Well Square Snaps are a fantastic company that bring all the joy of Polaroid’s back without having to have a huge camera hanging round your neck.

With Square Snaps you can choose several styles of photo print including the classic Polaroid, mini polaroids, black Polaroid, mini snaps, original squares, super snaps and greetings cards. The sizes vary from 2.5”x 2.5” to The Big Daddies 8” x 8”. Regaurdles of the size, one thing all of the images will have in common is the fact they are SQUARE!

I really love the square element of the image as it’s just a bit different. It’s therefore really easy to use Instagram pictures and turn them into Instagram Prints as they will be the right shape but you can also use your regular snaps and crop them once you’ve uploaded. If you are using images from a phone, this is not a problem at all; however, if you want The Big Daddies prints, which are the largest of the prints available, you’d want to use the best image size possible and I would recommend uploading images from a camera.

Uploading images from my phone was easy and straightforward enough once I got the hang of using the website, unfortunately the images I wanted to upload from my camera were all too high a resolution to upload so I had to resize the images before being able to upload and I feel this impacted on the quality of some of the prints. I would like the image upload size to be increased so that this is not an issue.

We received some of The Big Daddies, Mini Snaps and Polaroid Style Snaps and I have to say I was delighted with the quality of all the prints. They are printed on a thick card so the images don’t bend and you really can feel the quality when holding the prints. The colours are brilliant and I really can’t fault the image quality as long as you upload a high enough resolution for the larger size prints.

The images arrived really quickly in a wonderful silver bubble wrap envelope which meant they were really well packaged and therefore would arrive without damage.

These prints are perfect for creating collages with a mix of different sized prints, to go on the fridge, in a photo book or my favourite, using them as thank you cards. I wouldn’t have thought about doing this with a normal print but because the quality is so good and the card so thick, they actually make brilliant thank you notes.

My favourite are The Big Daddies as they are a great size and really show off your print. I am going to have a whole lot of them in frames going up the stairs and currently have two just free standing on the fire surround. 

  The Polaroid snaps are lovely and I’ve got some on the fridge and some in a photo album. 

  The Mini Snaps are cute and I’ve got a couple in my purse. Isabella loves these the most and she’s pinched most of them for her own draw but I also think these would make a great collage.    

 I really love Square Snaps and will definitely be using them again in the future for fun snaps which are quick and easy to make. If you’d like to try them out, please feel free to use the discount code WhatMummyThinks15 to get 15% off your order!

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  1. Ah these look fab, I love them! 🙂 x

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