Afternoon Tea with BabyBjorn

I was lucky enough to be invited to Afternoon Tea at the Lyric Rooms in Covent Garden for a lovely get together with the lovely team at BabyBjorn as well as some other lovely bloggers (who’s blogs I’ll link to at the bottom). Not only did we get to eat our weight in cake and sandwiches (ok so it was more the cake for me) but we also got the chance to have a sneak peak at their new pastel limited edition colours which should be available to buy in June.

The baby bouncer and carrier are going to be available in a lilac, mint green, baby blue and pink and remind me very much of summer ice creams. I fell in love with the mint green carrier and can’t wait for the little one to come along so I can get one! The thing I loved about the green was how unisex it is; it just means that you can add a splash of colour without having to worry about gender!

Baby Bjorn

These pastel colours will brighten up any room and will also look great with your summer outfit (or your partners!) and I really can’t wait to get my hands on them so I can put them through their paces!

BabyBjorn also have a vibrant range of feeding essentials and we LOVE the plates and cups as they don’t slip around on the table or move when your little one is trying to scoop things up!

baby bjorn2

Moving away from their iconic carrier, BabyBjorn are also launching a baby bag which we have been given the chance to try out. My husband is possibly more excited about this than I am (am that’s really saying something as I LOVE changing bags!) because it’s completely dad friendly. It isn’t a typical girly and feminine bag but instead is more understated with a subtle purple to give it a little colour. More to come on this exciting product once baby is here but for now… a sneak peak for you!


I must have got carried away with actually eating the cake as I forgot to take pics!! Oops.



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