BritMums, Besties and Brands

Last weekend I went along to BritMums Live for the third year running. Firstly, I just want to thank BabyBjorn for making that happen for me! Secondly, I’d like to thank everyone else who attended and made my weekend so fantastic; I met up with some bloggers I knew previously and met some bloggers I’ve only seen on screen before. I loved putting faces to blogs and meeting the people who I share my online life with. I’ve made some great friends but I have to say Laura, from MummysZone has become a truly fantastic friend I regularly meet up with and I’m so pleased blogging brought us together.

Enough of the mushy stuff though and back to BritMums; as I said previously, this was my third year going and while I had a great time, I think it might be my last BritMums. I say that because I didn’t get as much out of the conference this time round as I did on the previous two experiences. Now that might be down to the fact that my blog is more established now or it might have been that it felt a little quieter this time round, or even the fact that I had a tiny little one with me so couldn’t concentrate on the talks as much as I’d have liked? Either way, I think sadly, this will be my last.

The general atmosphere was great – I really felt everyone got on ad there wasn’t any negative feeling during the event itself. The talks are always well organised and I love the fact that the sessions are run more than once as you always find there are two things on that you want to see at once! I really learnt a lot from the two sessions I went to: Looking at using YouTube and Advance SEO… lots of the information from these sessions blew my mind but I hope I’ll be able to implement some of it.

 I must admit though that this year I spend more of my time in the lounge meeting all the lovely bloggers and getting to know the brands a little more. I think I entered every single competition going and won two! Thanks so much Super Savvy Me and Beattie Communications – I feel incredibly lucky!

 But more than all of this, I think BritMums has instilled in me how amazing the blogging community really is – everyone comes together and forms an online family. It really is amazing to meet up and I will miss this meeting, even if it is just once a year. Perhaps it will make me go to other blogger events more??? Who knows.

I love BritMums Live and owe it a lot- I have learnt some amazing things that I doubt I ever have even considered otherwise.

So a very short round up of 5 of the things I love:

  • The people (bloggers and brands)
  • The sessions (it’s taught me so much)
  • The fun and games
  • The freebies (come on, be honest, what blogger doesn’t!)
  • The food



  1. It’s a shame you didn’t get as much out of it! I have never been and think I’d like to go one year to see what it’s about! x

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