Stokke and Back in Action Event

Two weeks ago I was invited to attend the brilliant Stokke event at Back in Action, Marylebone. It was a nice easy train journey for me and the first one for Benjamin since he was a teeny baby. It’s safe to say he absolutely loved the ride and kept asking to go through more tunnels. He had so much fun that he fell asleep before we even made it to the event. Once he woke up though, he really enjoyed putting everything to the test and picking out his favourite products.

Having arrived and finally been able to put faces to names, there was plenty of time and products to ogle, lust over and make a mental shopping list for … oh the list really does go on! Being Stokke’s flagship London store, Back in Action is definitely the place to go if you want to try out the huge range of products on offer. Not only will you be offered a wealth of knowledge from the super friendly staff, but they will also help you find the product that will work best for you and your home, with no pressure to buy.

Since I found out about Stokke, I have lusted over their intuitive design and innovative shape; sadly, I didn’t know enough about the brand before I first invested in the main body of baby products nearly 4 and a half years ago and have since been pining over the gorgeously curved Seepi …

and the lightweight Stokke Scoot …

 as well as having come away from the event now desperate for the Stokke Home Bed. It’s absolutely Cipro gorgeous and if you haven’t seen it before, be prepared to want it now!

Before this event, I had no idea about the scientific benefits of these products, I just adored their beautiful and stylish look but the features and design have all been based around research and the products are also aimed at growing with your child, not forcing you to buy the ‘next size up’. The Stokke flagship stores reflect Stokke’s heritage and philosophy, offering thoughtful, stylish designs that strengthen the bond between parent and child. The concept is based on their core values which nurture family bonding, with our design philosophy and Norwegian roots being the foremost source of inspiration.

Since launching the iconic Tripp Trapp (which we adore in our home) in 1972, Stokke have evolved and design products exclusively for children. As well as being designed for children and improving the bond between children and parents, Stokke are also synonymous with quality. If you buy Stokke, you know it’s going to last and will be able to be passed down for generation to generation. We bought our Tripp Trapp second hand after a family had used it for the past 10 years. Although there were some wear and tear marks, the frame itself is still strong and still looks great. We now need to invest in a second one so the children don’t fight over it at meal times. 

For any of your Stokke queries, Back in Action would be more than happy to help you and answer any questions.

Back in Action Marylebone is Stokke’s flagship London store. Find out more at

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