10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas to suit all budgets

10 Valentine's Gifts to suit all budgets

10 Valentine’s Gifts to suit all budgets by whatmummythinks

  1. Lumie Bodyclock Elite 300 – I don’t know what I’d do without my Lumie bodyclock. It’s amazing. Because it wakes you up slowly simulating the suns rays, I feel more well rested and don’t feel like I’m bolting upright with a shrill alarm. This would be perfect for him or her and has the benefit of a radio, SD port for MP3s, guided meditation and so much more. At £160, it is at the top end of the budget but well worth the money in my eyes.
  2. What man doesn’t need a pair of cufflinks? I like the idea of getting them engraved with the date we first met or our first date as it would be subtle and delicate with that sentimental meaning too. These ones retail at £23.99 but there are so many styles to choose from and so many retailers, I’m sure you could find a pair for any budget.
  3. I love being romantic but I also love practical items as gifts and the GripTight GorrillaPod Stand, is one of these items I’ve always wanted but never bought. More and more I go out without a camera and instead rely on my phone. This way, I can ensure I can capture the best pictures where ever I am. At just £21, this is a perfect practical gift idea.
  4. Keeping on with the theme of practical (before I go mushy), the ViewPoint BP 250 AW is a reallyy fantastic bag for your tech loving partner. This is something hubby could use daily when he goes to work or indeed at the weekends. It’s comfortable to wear but also has a removable ‘Gear Box’ to keep all your tech safe and within easy reach. There are also quick release straps for you to hold those extra essentials whether it be a tripod, trekking poles or even a skateboard! This is a truly adaptable bag. At £96, this is a great bag.
  5. Getting to the more traditional gifts, who doesn’t like chocolates? Ferrero Rocher offer these yummy chocolate treats in a gorgeous heart shaped box perfect for the day of love.
  6. For a fun but not very conventional gift, why not try SwiftGift? It’s the latest in gift giving as you can send your recipient their gift via their phone! I tried it out to make sure it worked and I was pleasantly surprised at how quick the delivery was. All you need is a smart phone to purchase the gift and as long as the recipient has a phone, they can then choose where the gift is sent. I got hubby the Man Mug as a cheeky hint at all the DIY I’d like him to do! Although it was an early present, he still thought it was funny and as he could choose delivery, he made sure he was in when it came.
  7. I always think a piece of jewellery is a good choice for any occasion (what girl wouldn’t?) I love these star necklaces as they are delicate but can be personalised with charms and the number of stars to suit your needs. You can choose the colour of the necklace as well.
  8. Going back to the chocolate front, one of my favourite chocolate boxes has to be Milk Tray – a great choice of chocolates and perfect for sharing (or not as the case may be!)
  9. For another traditional idea, why not spoil your loved one with some roses and a teddy? They don’t have to be the usual red though, you could get some long stemmed pink roses or go for your partners favourite flower instead? You can buy bouquets of flowers from lots of the supermarkets now at more reasonable prices than florists so there should be a bunch to suit you all.
  10. For the small people in your life, why not spoil them this Valentine’s day too? My husband always bought my daughter a card and small gift on Valentine’s and now I have my little boy too we have decided to buy them both a small soft toy each. Isabella’s favourite soft toy at the moment is the teddy she got from my husband last Valentine’s; as long as you pick wisely, they don’t have to be toys that are two minute wonders.


  1. What a lovely selection of gift idea. I like the personalised cuff links. May get these for my partners birthday.

  2. What a lovely ideas! Flowers and chocolates are a must! Dash Xx

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