Back To School In Style

If you need to get everything ready for BACK TO SCHOOL in just over a week’s time, we’ve got a few ideas that might help you get and stay organised throughout the year.

With both my little monkeys off to school this year, I’ve needed to be a little more on the ball than before. I took both mine to get their school shoes a couple of weeks ago now. In previous years, I’ve left it until the last week of the summer holidays but have been left with limited choice in shoe style which has resulted in a big sad face from Isabella. This year, I was much more organised and we got measured and fitted with ease and had our pick of the shoes.

Although I have all the school uniform, I’m yet to label it. That’s next on my to do list. We still have some stickers and iron on labels left from last year so am going to use those up (see which ones we are using here) but I think once they run out, I’m going to try one of the stamps – they look so much quicker!

Getting to the fun bits (according to the children)

Isabella will be going in to year 3 this year and it’s the first year I’ve allowed her to take a packed lunch; so getting a new lunch box was top of her list because they aren’t allowed school bags until year 6 so has to keep going with her book bag for now. Smiggle kindly send both Isabella and Benjamin a cool lunch bag. Isabella has the super cool Explore lunch box with a Paris theme and Benjamin has the ball games theme. Both are made with a BPA free and food grade safe lining. If you have an Explore backpack, they now have a functional loop that you can attach to the backpack. If not, just use the carry handle with a buckle so you can clip it to your book bag.

To ensure they are ready for all their lessons, they also have a matching Explore combo ruler stationery set. Included in each set are: 2x pencils, 1x eraser, 1x sharpener and 1x 30cm ruler. It all clips together to keep all the items safe together.

Back to School at Home

Back to school isn’t just about taking bits to school though. It’s about creating and organising a space at home for the children to do their homework and for us all to have an area to pin important notes and work.

To keep the children’s equipment tidy but looking great, we have this set of 2 super sweet Hiro Fox Kawaii Friends Suitcases. Hiro is a completely adorable character from the Kawaii Friends collection and he just looks so cheeky and cute. We have decided to keep pens and pencils in the smaller of the two boxes and larger stationery and bits in the bigger box. Once our extension is complete, we will be able to set up a work station and display the children’s craft material with pride.

If you’re thinking about getting pencils to take to school though, you could try these amazing personalised pencils. We got both the children’s names on them so they don’t argue about whose they are but when we have to take equipment to school, we will definitely get these for each of the children. They colour in really well and the gold name just looks really smart and will ensure your child doesn’t lose their equipment in the first week of school!

For those of you with children old enough to take pens to school, these Bic Gelocity pens are amazing. I am actually going to use these as my marking pens. Marking so many books can become rather tiedious and there’s nothing worse than marking with poor quality pens. So I’ve saved these ones just for me. I love the colour range and also how nicely they write. They are a gel ink pen with a comfortable grip which are also ultra fast drying so you don’t end up with lots of smudged work.

Create a Space you can be Proud of

As I mentioned before, as soon as the extension is finished we are going to install this absolutely amazing designer notice board from Magiboard. They offer a wide range of shapes and colours or even the option to design your own shaped Magiboard. I couldn’t resist this stunning outline of London. I love London and bringing it into my home just makes me smile every time I look at the board. We are going to use this large  noticeboard to pin important letters or details of trips etc for the children but I also wanted something that we could use to display the children’s art work too. Because of the size of this board, we will be able to stay organised as well as celebrate the children’s work.

The Magiboard, as well as creating a stylish and practical display, is stylish and modern, brilliant quality and it’s even Eco Friendly. Made from 65% recycled consumer waste plastic, 35% recycled pre consumer waste and is 100% recyclable.  It’s thick but not too heavy and comes with all the relevant fittings to attach it to your wall. You can use push pins, staples or hook and loop tape to stick things to your Magiboard. It’s smart technology allows you to create almost any shape you desire up to a maximum size of 240 x 120 cm or you can add different panels to cover larger areas.

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