Christmas Gift Guide for 5-9 Year Olds

*We were given some of these toys for the purpose of this gift guide, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. All gifted items will be marked with an asterisk *

Starting the magic early

Christmas Eve Box’s are a lovely little tradition that we’ve started. The children (and adults) get so excited about Christmas that we wanted to extend it a little more. By giving the children their own little Christmas Eve box, you start the magic the evening before. We use these lovely boxes to pack different thing each year from some new pyjamas, a Christmas book, film, a small toy and some snacks. It’s a great way to spend out evenings as a family getting excited for the big day. What I love about these boxes are that you have the option to keep use separators for smaller treats or you can take the divider out and have a larger box.  The personalised festive design comes in red, green or blue and really looks beautiful under the tree.

With most children I know at this age, they are still very much into creative toys as well as toys which they can use their imagination to explore. So here are a few of our top buys this Christmas.

Get creative

The So Magic Wonder Garden is perfect for creative kids. You can create your own magical garden and grow your own trees in your terrarium, decorate the ‘land’ with colourful sand and stones as well as add slime to make a beautiful home for your 4 collectible characters. You just ass powder and water to watch your tree grow. Lovely STEM toy which helps your little ones learn science in a really fun and exciting way. Having two trees in the pack also means you get to do this experiment again Easy to use and beautiful to look at, the So Magic Wonder Garden is a great gift. Recommended for ages 8+.

If you’ve got a little fashionista, she will love the Style 4 Ever Gel Jewelry Studio where you can make your own gel crystal jewels. You can make over 20 jewels including bracelets, rings and necklaces and cover them in glitter to really make them sparkle! Keeping everything compact means your little designer will be able to design and create until their hearts is content without making a huge mess! Recommended for ages 8+.

The So Slime DIY Slimelicious Station is a child’s happiness wrapped up in the form of a toy! I haven’t met a child yet that doesn’t love making slime. This Slimelicious Station is everything they could dream of. They get to make their own scented slime by just adding water! No more measuring lots of ingredients, this is just a simple, easy but super fun toy. Your children can mix and match scents of their favourite foods in just 4 simple steps and add whatever decorations they like to make the perfect slime milkshake! Recommended for ages 6+.

With the Fuzzikins Pizzeria your cute little Fuzzi mouse can be drawn on and coloured in time and again to customise your little chef depending on your mood. This little set comes with a Fuzzi Pizza Chef Mouse, a cardboard building and little pizza accessories. These are great fun for children, especially as they can be washed and used again and again. There are so many little sets that you can easily add more to your collection and create a whole Fuzzikins village. I love that children can get creative with these without ruining their toys.

Harry Potter Mad

For Harry Potter fanatics (even adults!), we found the most amazing pop-up Guide to Hogwarts book. With so much attention to detail, there is so much to explore in this interactive book. You are transported to Hogwarts castle where you can then explore the Quidditch Pitch, Forbidden Forest and more. Matthew Reinhart has designed this book to be more than just a pop-up book though. After reading and exploring Hogwarts page by page, you can actually open up the book to form the Hogwarts grounds. This book is a wonderful book to look after a treasure. It is very delicate so might not be great for super young Potter fans but my 7 year old LOVES it.

We have also recently reviewed the Wow! Stuff Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak and had so much fun. Again, this one isn’t limited to children and it long enough for adults to use too. Once you’ve downloaded the easy to use app and applied your code, you can make muggles disappear. We can’t wait to get the whole family to try this one out at Christmas. The children loved it and watching back their videos was amazing.

Need a little patience

BoomTrix Multiball Extreme Trampoline Action is another winner. If you have the patience to get it right, this game offers hours of fun. You have to set up your trampolines and experiment with their placement in order to get the silver balls to bounce from trampoline to trampoline. Once you’ve set the course up, releasing all 8 balls from the crane produces amazing results. It can be very irritating to try and get set up initially but once you’ve ‘got it’, it’s great. It also doesn’t require any batteries and is about logic and perseverance. Once you’ve mastered one set up, you can rearrange and add obstacles to make it harder again.

Lego is always a huge hit in our house. We’ve got some of Heartlake City and Benjamin is acquiring lots of the City sets too. Although these take patience to build, they are so therapeutic too. I love getting involved and helping the children build Lego. They then spend hours playing with the sets and often don’t want to break them up so we have to find more and more places to display the sets.

Fancy a Little Mystery?

For those a little harder to buy for, the Amazing Mystery Box is a fantastic concept. Each box contains a range of items which retail at least double the price of the box! With such value for money and a variety of products inside, you’re guaranteed to have a winner. You can chose to buy a one off box or have a longer subscription. We have the Superhero Mystery Box and there was so much inside, it was definitely worth the money. You will usually receive two main items, like an action figure, plush or pop vinyl, bag or cushion. Some secondary items like mugs, notebooks, audiobooks and some smaller novelty items like keyrings, blind bags and trading cards. I think these are great and I love that you won’t know what you’re getting until it arrives.

Games for the Family

5 Second Rule Jr. Like the title suggests, with this fast paced game, you have just 5 seconds to read a card and give your three answers. Because of the short time limit in which you have to do this game, you’re likely to slip up and say some silly things. This will of course have your kids in stitches. This is a great brain teaser for the whole family to enjoy. For those younger children who can’t read yet, we just read the card to them before the timer starts so they can join in the fun too. You can make the game easier or harder depending on the amount of answers to be given and it really is just great fun. It holds their attention well and is perfect for when friends or family are over too.

Whoopee Doo is another fantastically funny game the whole family can enjoy. I love how the children have to think fast but a longer timer also gives them a bit of time if they are stuck. You get different cards with different numbers associated with them. The idea is to start the timer and say 5 (or whatever the value is on the card) things in the fridge or say a tongue twister 3 times before stopping the timer and passing on to the next player. If you run out of time, the whoopee cushion will deflate and make a range of different farting noises. The children find this in itself hilarious. I is quite hard to blow up but I imagine that’s because the children sit on the whoopee cushion.

Disney’s Frozen II True Friendship Game

This is a game of cooperation and teamwork. All players have to get to Elsa before the Water Nokk reaches her. The element of teamwork means that you either all win or all lose which is actually quite refreshing when it comes to family games.

To play the game the youngest player starts and blows the spinner. If the spinner lands on the Water Nokk, it will move forward or backwards one space according to the spinner. If it lands on a number, the player can move any character the selected number of spaces. When a character lands on a leaf, you must select a tree at random and see if you get a Water Nokk or a new Frozen II friend character.Depending on what you pick, you will have to move the Water Nokk  or relevant character forwards or backwards one space. The team need one of the characters to reach Elsa before the Water Nokk does in order to win. This provides lots of fun for the whole family.

Interactive Animals

Pomsies Lumies are going to be a huge hit in this house. I’m not sure I know of a 7 year old who doesn’t enjoy a good Interactive pet and Lumies are certainly going to make an entrance. Lumies are interactive plush pets that change colour! Put your Lumie on any object, tap its nose and see it match any colour. In music mode, it can even turn colours into musical beats!!! There are a staggering 1,000 possible mixes you Lumies can create!

To ensure your Lumie is happy, keep “feeding” them with colour. They’ll react with over 100 sounds and phrases depending on their mood and the colours you find. With fun games to play too like rainbow tag, colour chase and Lumie Says, your Lumie will keep you entertained for hours.


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