Christmas Gift Guide for 8-10 year olds

*We were given some of these toys for the purpose of this gift guide, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Generation Dolls

Top of my 8 year old’s list this year is everything My Generation. She seems to have rekindled her love of dolls and wants to be able to brush and braid their beautifully long hair. She has her eye specifically on a Phoebe doll with added accessories. We have a few Generation dolls, horses and the large stable already so Phoebe will be a welcome addition to the set. What we love is the ability to grow Phoebe’s hair and style it in different ways. We have also bought Phoebe a pet dog, the gymnastics outfit and some pjs to get all cosy in the evenings.

Ultimate Gross Science

I haven’t met a child yet who doesn’t love exploring gross and gooey things from time to time. The Ultimate Gross Science box offers you and your child the chance to test out 12 gross experiments while learning a little more about how the body works. If your child loves toilet humour, they will feel right at home; you can discover how farts are produced as well as make your own bouncing poo! You can make slime, pus balls, fake blood as well as learn how your bladder actually pees! So while these are all quite gross, there is an element of cool learning about the human body too!

DesignNest Rollercoaster

At first I thought the DesignNest Rollercoaster Marble Run might be a little bit of a one hit wonder but if you have children who love building, exploring and marble run, this is amazing. Although it can be a little fiddly to begin with, once you get the hang of it, you can effortlessly attach, move and create different structures and watch your Rollercoaster Marble Run snake around its track. The plastic cube frames can unclip but are easily slotted back together again. They attach with magnets and can be attached on any side. We have been mastering the perfect patterns to get the most velocity from our track. The starter pack is enough to really get stuck into but we are already looking at extending this pack as it’s so much fun and we want to build even higher structures.

Thunder Glow Drone

If your children are interested in drones, this light up, Thunder Glow Drone with LED lights all around it will be a huge hit. It’s a medium size drone and has a good size remote control for smaller hands. It offers three different speeds with ‘back to home’ automatic button which I’m sure will have its uses, especially early on! The slower speed will be especially useful for beginner drone users. This is suitable for children 8 and over so is at the top of the age range here.

Guide to Hogwarts Book

For Harry Potter fanatics (even adults!), we found the most amazing pop-up Guide to Hogwarts book. With so much attention to detail, there is so much to explore in this interactive book. You are transported to Hogwarts castle where you can then explore the Quidditch Pitch, Forbidden Forest and more. Matthew Reinhart has designed this book to be more than just a pop-up book though. After reading and exploring Hogwarts page by page, you can actually open up the book to form the Hogwarts grounds. This book is a wonderful book to look after a treasure. It is very delicate so might not be great for super young Potter fans but my 8 year old LOVES it. She’s had it for a year now and it’s still loved as much today as it was last year.

Harry Potter Figures

To stick with the Harry Potter theme, we have got these Harry Potter figures for Isabella this year (although we can’t seem to find Ron anywhere!) Isabella has now read the first 4 books and watched the first 3 films. She is completely obsessed. I’m hoping these dolls will provide hours of fun for her. They look great and have lots of attention to detail. We will keep out eye out for Ron too and hope we can find him before Christmas!


The Jookie is still a massive hit in our house. Again, we have had this for a year and it has been used almost daily for the entire year. You can read my full review of the Jookie here but if you’re looking for a music and story player for children and don’t want them having access to screens, this really is a brilliant product.

Planet Buddies Headphones

The Jookie does require headphones if you don’t want to listen to your child’s music all day everyday though (or for when travelling in the car) so these Planet Buddied Headphones are a lovely addition. They are child safe limited so you know your child won’t be damaging their hearing listening to music too loud, they have an adjustable headband which is suitable for children ages 3+ and they also have a foldable, portable design for easier transport. With cute designs inspired from endangered animals across the globe and colours to choose from and a handy eco travel pouch, these will make a lovely gift.

The Fiesta Crafts Unicorn Head

All things unicorn are still very much a must have for lots of youngsters and my daughter is no exception to this. When she spotted the Fiesta Crafts Unicorn Head in a craft shop, she was instantly drawn to it. We haven’t opened this craft yet but it looks brilliant. What I like is that you don’t need any additional craft materials to build this. Lots of craft boxes require you to have other items and it’s always the one thing we have run out of. Not having to hunt around for the Sellotape is a welcome addition. All these pieces simply slot together and the instructions look relatively simple to follow. We look forward to making this one!

Star Jarz

Staying on the creative thread, Star Jarz is a great little craft toy for kids. The Star Jarz jar looks a bit like a lantern and inside you will find a pack of stickers, an activity booklet and 40 tokens alongside a wrap to cover the jar with. The first thing to do is get creative and decorate the wrap however you desire. Once done, you can stick this on the middle section of the jar. Having decorated the jar, you can get to decorating some of the tokens (some are already coloured). When you push a token through the hole at the top of the jar, it will light up and change colours for around 30 seconds. You can use the pages in the activity book to write down your dreams and secrets and you can post these through the jar too. You could use this as a fun way to keep memories of the exciting things you get up to over the year!

Buzzing Stickerz

For creative kids, the Buzzing Stickerz 3-D Holographic kit gives them the chance to make over 180 different 3-D stickers. It comes with lots of different holographic sheets to customise your design. This foil art activity has great quality foil and is super simple to use. Just peel, stick and press before revealing your holographic design.

Buzz Nail Art

Your little fashionista can paint and create their own fun nail designs with these sweet Buzz Nails Classic pack. Each nail colour comes with a brush and a micro pen to help create the perfect look. Brush the base layer on, add the design layer and then pen on any additional design.

Buzz Art Body Art

Create fun and glittery body art with these press on designs from Buzz Art Body Art. Simply press the design on to your skin before gently brushing on the glitter. Simple to use and with bright glitter colours to choose from, these will provide hours of fun. There are six different glitter colours to choose from and lots of sticker designs. I love the simplicity of this over other skin glue designs that I’ve used before.

Chalk it Classic

If your tween wants to use hair chalks but wants something that looks a little more grown up the Chalk it Classic set will be a present that won’t seem too childish. It looks more like make a little make up set than a hair set and is perfect for storing away in a little make-up bag. The bright colours will go down well and will let your growing girl get experiment with their look!

Penguin Random House Children’s Books

With a keen reader in the house, we can get through what seems like hundreds of books a year. My daughter seems to be able to read a book in a couple of days if she is captivated enough so finding new and exciting books from Penguin Random House is always fun. Having read The Christmasauras last year, we though The Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch would go down a treat before bedtime this Christmas. Following on a year later, we get to see how William Trundle copes as he meets the Winter Witch!

We loved the writing of Tom Fletcher so much that we are also though The Danger Gang by Tom Fletcher would be a great hit. This is an adventure book with some magical elements thrown in for good measure.

Wild Cities by Ben Lerwill is a book about animals that are adapting to live in our urban world. The beautiful illustrations by Harriet Hobday accompany wonderful stories about animals across the globe.

Into the Spotlight by Carrie Hope Fletcher is a book that follows the adventures of three adopted children. Told with humour and warmth, this novel will help teach children to aspire to be whatever they want to be regardless of who you are and where you come from.

I love Bill Bryson and have read many of his books so A Really Short History of Nearly Everything jumped right out at me. This will be perfect for the child who constantly has questions. It journeys from the centre of the planet to the dawn of the dinosaurs and lots in between.

AbergBest 21 MegaPixels 2.7” HD Digital Camera

For those children who are keen to take pictures but don’t own a smartphone, this very portable and lightweight digital camera is idea. It looks really smart and comes in a choice of colours. There is built in anti-shake which is a real bonus for such a small camera. There are different camera options including Macro which I think my kids will love. Although the screen isn’t fantastic quality, the actual prints you can get from this little camera are great. I found this on Amazon during an offer so got it really inexpensively. It’s certainly worth looking at during offer days!

Curls 4 Girls Digital Straightening Brush

If your little one is growing up into a mini teenager already, Curls 4 Girls offer some great hair styling products that are suitable to be used from 8 years old. I liked the look of this digital straightening brush as it’s not too complicated for younger girls to use and it also doesn’t feel too hot when in use. My daughter on occasion loves to get her hair straightened. While we don’t do this often, it is nice to let her do it for special occasions. I would not however feel comfortable letting her use my high powered hair straighteners though as they get so hot. This brush has suitable temperature functions allowing you to control the temperature. Even when I turned it up to it’s highest setting, I didn’t feel it was too hot to handle the brush. I think this is a great way in to hair products for younger children wishing to style their own hair.

Fab Lab Hair Flair

If heated brushes are still a little too much, what about getting creative with hair chalk? The Fab Lab Hair Flair Deluxe offers your child the freedom to add some colour to their style. There are nine different coloured chalks with tools and accessories to help achieve lots of cute styles. As well as the chalks, you get a hair chalk applicator, bun making and braiding tools with hair clips and other accessories. This is a sweet little set for younger tweens and they will enjoy experimenting with their hair!

Haribo Hamper

What child doesn’t enjoy a sweet or two! Haribo offer lots of different hampers which always go down a treat in our house. We have been munching our way through these often with a film and hot chocolate after a nice walk or bike ride!




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