Christmas Gift Guide for pre-school kids

*We were given some of these toys for the purpose of this gift guide, however, all thoughs and opinions are my own. All gifted items will be marked with an asterisk *

If you’re starting to get gift inspiration for the small people in your life, we have a few brilliant gift ideas which might help you make up your mind.

At this age, children love to get hands on materials. They love being able to feel different textures and make their own rules to their play as well as some simple games with simple rules.


Kinetic sand has been a huge hit with both my children. We’ve had a couple of sets for over a year now and it hasn’t dried out or lost any of its appeal. Benjamin, at three, will sit and play with this sand for hours. He loves it so much that Kinetic Rock is at the top of his Christmas list this year. Although it’s not as messy as regular sand, I would still put some sort of protective mat down if you plan on using this on a carpet.

Power Dough Funny Pets * is another highly creative toy. It uses the idea of dough type toys and brings it to life by adding moving, sound and light up elements. Although it can prove a little tricky to sometimes get all three working elements in the correct places due to the size of the dough, a little bit of rejigging and you can get it all to work brilliantly. This is definitely something that small minds can get creative with and takes dough products to the next level.

Playmobil has always been big in this house and both the children have some Playmobil sets. Benjamin loves his Pirate sets, especially the fold away set and pirate ship he has. This year, to go along a theme of dinosaurs and dragons, he’s got the Playmobil DreamWorks Dragons Snotlout and Hookfang *. For hours of ballista shooting sheep tossing dragon riding fun this set is great value. It comes with enough in the box to play alone but makes a wonderful addition to other sets too.


Another toy that seems to stand the test of time is Lego Duplo. We’ve got several sets now, including the Around the World set which Benjamin got for Christmas last year. This is a brilliant set which has such a wide variety of animals in, there will be plenty to share around with friends. We’ve made various vets, zoos and clinics over the year to play with and even Isabella at 5 will enjoy playing with this set. We also have the Batwing Adventure Set which is brilliant. Benjamin has started to enjoy the smaller Lego now this year too so we have bought him the Lego Police Station even though it’s aimed at older children.

Hape also have a wonderful collection of construction toys including this fantastic crane set. It’s wonderfully sturdy and only needs two screws to hold it all together. It’s simple and quick to put together so you won’t spend most of Christmas building it! I love how the crane is interactive and allows your child to play immersively for hours. With additional vehicles available, your pre-schooler will have so much fun!


If you’ve got adventurous kids, chances are they will have a scooter or bike and there’s nothing more important than keeping them safe whist having fun. These super cool mini ‘lids’ *by Hornet are the perfect compromise as your kids will love wearing their stylist helmet but you know it will keep them safe too. They are comfortable to wear, easy to adjust and also have a light at the back for extra safety during these darker evenings.

Benjamin has the Xootz LED Tri Scooter and absolutely loves it. You can read our full review here but it’s perfect for smaller children as it’s incredibly stable, folds away for easy storage and have light up wheels for extra fun.

Quiet Time

It wouldn’t be Christmas in my house without the addition of a book or two so this year’s offering is the personalised ‘Perfect Pet Dinosaur’ *. You can personalise this book with any name and create a wonderful story for any Jurassic fan. As well as being a lovely story, you also learn lots about the different Jurassic creatures in order to find the perfect pet dinosaur. As well as seeing their name appear throughout this beautiful book, they will also be enthralled with the gorgeous illustrations too.

We’ve also taken advantage of The Works offer and have bought 30 books for £30. We are going to use these books instead of advent calendars so the children can choose a different Christmas themed book to read each night on the countdown to Christmas. It’s the first year we’ve done this but the books have all arrived and look brilliant.

Stocking Filler ideas

As my two always seem to have to fiddle or play with something I found these Kinetic Rings as a fun stocking filler for them. They can play with these moving rings and even try to learn a few tricks to do. It’s not just arms that they work on either – your little one can experiment with different items such as branches, rope, scarfs etc. A fun toy that also has a therapeutic element to it.

Last year we put the original Fingerling Monkey into the children’s stockings and they are still used today so this year we thought about adding the Untamed Raptors for extra Fingerling fun. You can read my full review here.

Another small but equally gross (but super cute) are Crate Creatures Surprise Bashers. These creatures can’t wait to escape from their crates and need you to ‘Free the Beast’. There are 12 different Crate Creatures to collect and your little one can fling them, bash them, pull their tongue and hear them ‘talk’. They make some interesting sounds and can be flung around to hear more sound effects.


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