Christmas Ideas for the whole family

Christmas is a fantastic time of year, especially for all those little people in our lives. I’m sure you have some fantastic ideas for presents on your own but just in case you get a little stuck, I’ve created a gift guide for you to peek at! Starting with her:Gift guide her

  1. Gorgeous pyjamas to snuggle in.
  2. Who could resist these earrings?
  3. To make her feel really special, purfume.
  4. A gorgeous little number for the party season.
  5. The perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day – a candle and intensive skin treatment all in one!
  6. Lovely winter boots for day or night
  7. My personal favourite, a magnetic, changeable photo/art
  8. Snuggly slippers for a cosy night in
  9. A beautiful bangle to show off.

Next for the men:


  1. A nice warm coat 
  2. Comfy new brogues 
  3. A fitbit for the New Year
  4. A grooming kit 
  5. Who doesn’t need Star Wars Light Up Chop Sabers
  6. An iPad, because who doesn’t
  7. Cards Against Humanity game
  8. Aftershave to keep him smelling great

Now over to the little ones – These are some of the things I’ve bought this year. (I have previous posts with ideas for smaller baby toys please see my past lists)

little people

  1. Even though it’s aimed at a slightly older age group, my little one loves to pull himself up so this activity rocket should be a huge hit.
  2. Next up, because buy azithromycin online no prescription what baby doesn’t like to bash things, a laugh and learn tool kit
  3. Stacking cups of any sort always tend to be a hit but as these ones stack really high, they will provide even more laughs.
  4. Farm animals always go down well and these fun sounding farm animals will hopefully provide hours of entertainment.
  5. Having used these at a friends house, I know these bristle bricks will be a winner (and not just for the baby, my pre-schooler loved them too)
  6. Okay, so we already have these, but I haven’t met a baby or toddler who doesn’t love them. I don’t get it myself but these squeaking eggs have lasted three years so far and are still played with routinely.

And finally for the slightly older pre-schooler:


  1. Starting off with some imaginary play, this cool story box circus
  2. An easy to use remote controlled car
  3. A book, playmat and fire engine 3in1 design! I love this.
  4. A princess playset (also castle version available)
  5. A magic fairy garden for the spring
  6. A toy shop for hours of role play fun
  7. Magnetic fishing fun without getting wet!
  8. And fantastic dominoes WITH TRICKS!

These are just a few ideas of gifts we are getting for our loved ones this year. I hope you have found some inspiration and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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