Gift Guide for 4 to 8 year olds

*We were given some of these toys for the purpose of this gift guide, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Mechanics Gravity Loops and Turns

So this is at the higher end of the age range and younger children will certainly need some help setting this one up. However, once set up, this can provide hours of fun. If your little one loves looking at how things work, they will love seeing the mechanics of the Loops and Turns Mechanics Gravity set from Geomag. You can change and adapt this set but realistically you need the additional sets to make the changes worthwhile. This is a great little set for introducing the idea of gravity and magnetism.

Butterfly Garden

If you are interested in watching the entire lifecycle of a butterfly, this Butterfly Garden is going to make a wonderful present. Although you need to order the caterpillars separately (note they are only sent out between March and September) the set provides lots of excitement. It is a shame that you have you pay, even a small fee for the caterpillars; I would like to have preferred this cost built into the price of the set to begin with. However, what you get in the box is a lovely 30cm tall pop-up, reusable and washable habitat net, feeding pipette and food with full instructions. We haven’t sent off for our caterpillars yet but watched our neighbours grow their butterflies in the summer – it was really engaging for the children (and adults!) and we can’t wait for the warmer weather to arrive so we can get ours all set up too!


Paw Patrol Movie Ultimate City

If you have a Paw Patrol fanatic in your house, they are probably desperate for the new Paw Patrol Movie Ultimate City Lookout Tower. It certainly makes an entrance at 91cm tall. It is a really impressive toy which will give the wow factor this Christmas. I love that this set comes with 6 figures so that children can get straight to playing – so many sets these days come with one or two figures only. You also get Chase’s cruiser to play with and it works brilliantly with the slide. This is a very sturdy tower and will provide hours of fun. With sounds and lights as an added extra, these features will surely entertain your children. The ramp fits back nicely into the tower when you aren’t playing with it but you will need a bit of space for this amazing toy.

Magic Blanket Babies

I love the concept behind the Magic Blanket Babies. You will get a mystery plush baby hidden within their snuggly magic blanket. More exciting than just a mystery baby, your baby will actually unravel themselves from their blanket. All you need to do is rock, bounce, flip and pat your bundle to encourage it to reveal itself from within their blanket. Your baby will respond to your every touch and will make cute baby sounds, when she’s finally ready to unravel, you will hear music playing. After the music stops, your baby will pop open and you’ll be able to see your precious bundle.

Disney Princess Treats and Sweets Party Board Game

If your little one loves princesses and tea parties, this is the ultimate game for them. It combines all the fun of a tea party and your favourite characters along with being a board game. The Disney Princess Treats and Sweets game is simple; you roll the dice out of the teapot and the aim is to be the first person to collect the matches on your plate. I love how this game can grow with your child and works both as a tea set and a board game the whole family can enjoy.

DC Batman 1:15 RC All Terrain Batmobile

This is the ultimate all terrain Batmobile that will be sure to delight your kids at Christmas. With the ability to move quickly on land and even move on water, this is sure to bring the wow factor. The all terrain Batmobile lets you take your imagination wherever you can be that on carpet, wooden floors, grass, water, snow, mud or rock. There is nothing this vehicle can’t do. It’s really easy for young hands to control and is robust enough for you not to worry about it breaking. You will need batteries for the remote but the Batmobile itself charges from USB so you won’t be running through all your batteries come Christmas Day.

Kinetic Sand Sandwhirlz

With three different coloured sands to use and plenty of tools too, this Kinetic Sand set will provide lots of fun for young and old! The very nature of Kinetic Sand is really therapeutic to play with so even I get drawn into playing when the kids get their sets out. I love how you can layer the different colours and add different tops to the plunger before watching the colourful sand spill out. Although with all kinetic sand, once you have mixed the colours, you can’t un-mix them but this doesn’t stop the enjoyment of the set overall.

Shrek’s Adventure with Buy A Gift

Sometimes experiences are more exciting than a toy because it means you can spend the time with your family and make a whole day of being together. Buy a Gift offer so many different experiences that you will be hard pushed to not find something you want to do. We have a London day out to Shrek’s Adventures booked with a 24 hour River Pass added. We can’t wait to book this trip in the new year and hop on and off the Thames taking in all the sights along London’s River Thames as well as getting lost in Shrek’s swamp.

Everything Under The Sun

This wonderfully colourful hardback book has a curious question for every day of the year. Your inquisitive children will be able to find and answer so many questions right at their fingertips. Everything Under The Sun is humorous as well as factual and is easy for younger readers to pick up and flick through as well as reading together.


The beautifully written and gorgeous presentation of Away will be a story your children will love to read over and over. It’s a lovely story about woodland animals who come across a plastic bag. It explores the themes of waste and the environment so helps children to see the wider impact of looking after the environment. The illustrations are captivating and will help you and your little ones discuss how to reduce waste and care for our environment.

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