Gifts for 8-10 year olds

 *We were given some of these toys for the purpose of this gift guide, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

With Christmas almost here, I’ve put together my yearly Christmas Gift Guide for 8-10 year olds. Please also see inspiration from my post Will there be awesome toys under your tree this Christmas.

Nintendo Switch

We’ve finally relented. We have avoided buying games consoles while the children were little but now out eldest is 9, we finally gave in. The kids have been asking us more and more to get a games console over the past year. Having looked around we finally decided on the Switch and bought the Switch bundle with Mario Kart Duluxe 8. We’ve had a little go on it and it was really easy to set up and get started. We haven’t had a good play around though as it’s boxed back up for Christmas. I do however, love the fact I could download the Switch Parental Control App and control things from my phone too. I can’t wait to see how excited they are for this one!

Wizarding World Harry Potter Magical Minis Hogwarts Castle

My 6 and 9 year old are still mad about Harry Potter so this year we have the Wizarding World Harry Potter Magical Minis Hogwarts Castle to keep them entertained. This castle is bigger than you might first think (55cm tall) and being completely open on one side means it is really easy to play in. It’s easy to build and has some lovely little accessories too. This set only comes with Hermione and one ‘playset’ however, you can buy additional playsets and Magical Mini figures to add to the collection. We have found Sainsburys have quite a few of the individual figures so you can pick and choose your favourite characters. If you are buying for Christmas, I would try and get an extra figure or two to open with the castle for added enjoyment on the big dat. I love the additional lights and sound that the castle has and how the little magnetic figures pop open secret doors and mirrors.

Ultimate Spy Coder Bundle

  • If your kids are creative and love getting stuck into something, the Ultimate Spy Coder Bundle activity pack is going to keep them entertained for hours. You will get the award-winning Agent Asha: Shark Bites book along with an Invitation letter to the Children’s Spy Agency (CSA)
  • CSA Secret Agent membership card
  • 6 x STEM spy training activities
  • 3 x CSA Training Manuals (Spy Identities, Spy Bases + Spy Communications
  • Secret Agent wall map
  • CSA gadget cards
  • CSA news bulletin
  • Official CSA stickers
  • Plus you can access their online world which is mapped to the UK coding curriculum! The whole pack looks the part with such attention to detail. Your kids will love the opportunity to become an Elite Agent of the Children’s Spy Agency!

Shimmer Me Body Art

Every year my daughter askes for something linked to tattoos or body glitter. She just loves being able to choose different designs and get creative. I love how simple and easy the application is without having to tidy up a huge mess! The Shimmer Me Body Art pack comes with 180 designs to pick from and there’s even super cool roll on glitter tattoos! You can create your own designs from the stickers provided and then mix and match the foil and glitter to suit your mood. Easy to use and great fun for children.

Eat Sleep Doodle

My kids want to draw on everything. There isn’t a single piece of paper in the house that doesn’t get doodled on. If it’s important, it had better be put away quickly! When we saw the range of products from Eat Sleep Doodle, I knew the kids would love them. We decided against the pillow cases, which do look like great fun, but my son would end up drawing on everything!! So we went with the colour in pencil cases so the children can get creative and colour their own pencil cases before washing them and starting all over again. There are so many items you could choose from table cloths and pillow cases to handbacks and pencil cases, there are products to suit most!

Mache Magic

For creative kids who just love making, this Mache Magic is ideal. All you need is a little creativity, some toilet paper and a little water. Once you have created your paper mache craft (and left to dry overnight!), you can colour it in with the pens provided or with other craft materials you have at home. The simplicity of this item is great because children are able to do this one by themselves relatively mess free! It comes with an oval and heart shape mold but would be great if there were other molds designs to add to the kit.

Books Books Books

Every year we get the children books. I really love to inspire them to read avidly and finding interesting and engaging books helps them love reading.

The Primrose Railway Children

If you loved the original Railway Children, you and your children will adore Jacqueline Wilson’s retelling of the classic story. Modernised but with many of the original idea threads still visible, this book will capture the hearts of young and old.

The Great Dream Robbery

An engaging and entertaining story with a wonderful heroine. This book is full of humour and intrigue. I love the concept of being able to get into people’s dreams. The illustrations are brilliant and overall we enjoyed the adventure in this book.

Ultralight Airplanes

Construct and fly 5 different types of plane. Change the wings to see how angles affect flight. Experiment with the way the plane stays up in the air. This Ultralight Airplane set is a fab little toy for any child who loves planes. You may need the help of an adult to build depending on the child’s age but this set offers hours of fun.

Neon Effect Message Frame

The Neon Effect Message Frame which lights up is such a cool gift it will be an instant winner. This awesome glass frame transforms into a neon notice board with the click of a switch. You can choose whether to hang the frame from the wall or use it as a free standing notice board. Being able to get creative but with a more grown up vibe made this a top toy for this year.


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