Gifts for Him, For Her and Gadget Lovers

Buying for adults at Christmas can be really hard. Most of the time we don’t need much and what we do need, we buy as and when we need to. This is particularly true of my husband who usually gets banned from buying anything from late October for this very reason. But to try and give you a little inspiration for those hard to buy for people in your life, I’ve put this little guide together.

For Him

The Summerton Club, set up just over 2 years ago, now offers you the chance to get delicious and beautifully-aged bottles of Whisky, Brandy or Rum delivered directly to your door each month. In this monthly subscription package, you are sent a different bottle of spirit which is at least 50cl each month from around the world. The idea is that you are sent items that would prove difficult or impossible to buy in the UK so you get to taste new and exciting flavours. There are several different packages you can buy; monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly. Regardless of which you choose the cost works out at £50 per delivery (each bottle will be worth at least this amount). The bottle we have been sent from Sweden, Mackmyra’s Gruvguld, is sourced locally, including the oak used for the barrels and aged in a variety of casks 50m below ground. Gruvguld (meaning Gold from the Mine) is exceptionally smooth Swedish Single Malt Whisky has a spicy oak taste which then turns quite fruity.

We’ve been lucky enough to also get a discount code for you to use to get £5 off your purchase. Use the discount code Mummy5 to receive £5 off of your subscription (equivalent to 10% off the first month). It’s valid until 28th February 2018 so don’t miss out.

Clothes are always a good choice in my house too. Looking at items that you’ll use but wouldn’t potentially have bought just because. Dobell offer a range of lovely items for men (and boys). Ed has recently been wearing more blazers rather than suits so this gorgeous Navy Linen Golf Blazer is finding its way under the Christmas tree this year to go with his golf membership at our local club. This jacket fits well and looks great, and smartens up even casual trousers. You can really dress up or go for the smart casual look with this which is perfect for Ed.

Golf clubs and a golf buggy are also high on Ed’s list this year but I think they might have to wait a little bit longer for those.

For Her

I have so much jewellery now (not that a girl can ever have too much, that this Coral Jewellery Holder is going to be the perfect addition to hold my collection. It’s gorgeous coral look design looks superb on a dresser or in the bathroom and the addition of jewellery makes it sparkle and shine. Made of white resin it’s heavy and sturdy (needed to ensure it doesn’t tip!) but still looks amazingly elegant and is so smooth to touch. There’s lots of hanging space so plenty of room to hold all of your jewellery without it looking over crowded. This would make a brilliant gift for any jewellery lover.

If you’re looking for an item that not only she will love but one that also supports women in India who face social and economic challenges, the Secret Pillow is a wonderful gift. The money they earn through the making and selling of Secret Pillows enables them to pay for their child’s education, food, medicine and other essentials. For every pillow made, the Secret Pillow Producer gets a transformational amount of money per pillow as well as a place on a 4 Stage Empowerment Programme. Although the pillows are more expensive than other more traditional pillows, there is a reason for this. Aside from amazing quality and finish of the product, it’s also a pillow and blanket in one. It’s washable so can become a travel blanket or just a snuggly blanket for the sofa and you even get a certificate of thanks from the craftswomen. There are many other wonderful handmade gifts available to so don’t forget to have a peek at all the Secret Projects have to offer.

The kids always buy me new pyjamas and slippers and I look forward to this each year. I love my comfy clothes and pyjamas have to be my favourite. I love snuggling in the evening, especially when it’s cold. Next have a great range this year! I’ve made sure to tell Isabella my favourite ones.

If you just love getting away on holiday and can’t wait to book your next beach break, have a look at Tesalate’s sand free towels! Surely this will be one of  their top travel must have items. With so many different designs to choose from, you will surely find a towel which will match your two-piece. Tesalate towels are made of AbsorbLite fabric, which has a sand-free design which makes it impossible for sand to stick to the towel. It folds up into a compact and matching bag and will free up space in your luggage. I have the gorgeous Is this love? design and yes, it certainly is!

For Both

Tech always seem to make joint gifts so here’s a few ideas to add some spark to your home. The Glitter Geode Ball Speaker is a lovely little speaker which, when switched on, also displays an enchanting glittery galaxy within. When the light are low and the music is playing, you can relax and dissolve into the mesmerizing colours of this speaker. It’s easy to connect your phone via Bluetooth but there’s also a cable to use if needed. If you’re feeling more in the mood for a good old boogie, why not switch the mode to sound responsive and get your party rocking. It’s not the loudest speaker but it’s a lovely addition to have in a bedroom, especially to relax and unwind.

If you’re looking for something a little more than just a speaker, an Amazon Echo is also a great choice. Hands free and responsive to just your voice, you can control what you listen to instantly (that is until the children override us!). You can also make hands-free calls and can also keep up with the latest sports scores or even ask Alexa a question. This smart technology  is perfect for busy homes.

This one is more for the whole family but why not get a Retro Popcorn Maker which uses just hot air to pop the kernels? It is so simple to use and looks great too. With adult supervision the children love using this popcorn maker and it makes a plentiful bowl of popcorn for the whole family to share. Although you need to heat the machine for a couple of minutes before you can use it, making the popcorn is so quick and simple and super easy to clean too! Have them plain or add popcorn seasoning to the popcorn once made and you’ve got yourself a perfect movie night in.

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