Making Father’s Day Special

So, this year, Father’s Day is going to be a little different. Although rules are beginning to relax, we still aren’t going to be able to celebrate like we could before so here’s how I’m planning on making Father’s Day special.

Breakfast in Bed

The day will start with breakfast in bed. The children love being able to help and want to make toast and coffee so we’ll make a start there!


Gifts also have to be presented in bed (but usually after breakfast!). I don’t know why, perhaps it’s simply because the children are too excited to wait any longer so gift giving works well in bed because of the speed and efficiency of it all!

This year we have a few gifts mainly linked to his love of golf for Ed including:

Layoners Magnetic Blue Sun Glasses. These striking polarised sunglasses with 100% UV protection look really stylish first off. But for Ed, practicality is something he looks for over style and he’s been really impressed with the quality of these glasses. He especially likes how these glasses don’t tend to slip or move on his face when he moves around which is perfect when swinging his clubs. With their glare reduction and extra durability, these really are a great choice for being out on the golf greens. Of course, they’d also be perfect for day trips and walks!

Lyle and Scott Polo Shirts. One in pink and one in sunny yellow, these polo shirts are well fitted and light but look really smart too. Although Ed will mostly wear these playing golf, he will also wear them on days out. They are well made (100% cotton) and the size guide is very accurate. We are hugely impressed with these.

For a man with everything but for one who can also misplace his wallet almost daily, The Slim from Tile seems perfect. This slim and sleek credit card sized tile will fit in almost every man’s wallet. It has a range of 20ft and a louder ring with a built in 3-year battery! With alerts and a distinct ring, you will always be able to locate where you’ve left your wallet!

Chocolate is always a winner in this house so a box of Cadbury’s Chocolate is always going to be a welcome gift. Plus, this is one he can share! It’s packed full of delicious Cadbury chocolate and sweets and will be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. There are lots of other gift baskets for men see website for more.

If you’re looking for something with a higher alcohol content than this, these whisky stones and glasses could make the perfect gift. I know Ed loves his whisky cold but gets annoyed when the ice melts. These whisky stones would be the ideal alternative!

Special Lunch or Dinner

After presents we will get up and depending on the weather go for a cycle or walk somewhere, maybe take a picnic if the weather is really good. We started a family tradition of going for a pub lunch on Father’s Day where there is a wonderful play area in the beer garden but as I doubt we can do that this year, if we don’t end up doing the picnic, we might just have a BBQ and a few beers in the garden.



What are your plans for Father’s Day this year? Are you doing anything to make it extra special?

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