Mother’s Day Gift Guide: with a difference

Okay, so this Mother’s Day gift guide is going to take a slightly different stance; instead of buying chocolates and flowers, or even jewellery (don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t turn my nose up at any of these), I’m going to suggest something that I think most mummy’s would LOVE even more.

  1. Breakfast (not necessarily in bed, but cooked for them with no washing up left in sight)
  2. Hand-made cards from the smallest (or shop bought with a beautiful picture or writing inside)
  3. A packet of seeds that mum and little can plant together (making Valtrex memories too!)
  4. Cups of tea/coffee made at regular intervals throughout the day
  5. Telling mum they are off lunch and dinner duty too!
  6. Once the smalls are tucked up in bed (or earlier in the day if that’s when they prefer) run them a steaming hot bath with some essential oils (like Olverum) to relax and unwind with, pour them a glass of their favourite and pass them their book before leaving them to RELAX

Mother's Day gift guide

This Mother’s Day, why not give the mummy in your house the gift of some well-earned rest and totally spoil her!

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