Will there be awesome toys under your tree this Christmas?


Top gifts for 9 year old girls

With all the news surrounding the delays at some ports, people are being urged to buy their Christmas gifts early this year to ensure children don’t miss out on their must have toys. Whether you believe this or not, I thought I’d put a little post together for those of you who are trying to get ahead of the game. While I’m not trying to promote panic buying in the slightest! If there is something you know you are going to buy, why not pick it up a little earlier than perhaps you would? If you’re struggling for inspiration, Wicked Uncle have some really cool gifts and ideas to help.

I find my 9-year-old daughter the harder one out of the two to buy for because she is getting to the age where she’s not really into lots of toys. What I love about Wicked Uncle is that by clicking her age and gender, I will be directed to a selection of toys where I’m guaranteed to find something she will love. In fact, having used this tool as a way to build her Christmas list, I now have some top recommendations for 9-year-old girls.

Top of her list came the Neon Effect Message Frame which lights up. This cool glass frame transforms into a neon notice board with the click of a switch. You can choose whether to hang the frame from the wall or use it as a free standing notice board. Being able to get creative but with a more grown up vibe made this a top toy for this year.

Sticking with the creative element, the Origami Art Creation models have also crept onto Isabella’s list. She loves getting crafty and these super cute creatures will keep her busy on a rainy afternoon and will add some brightness and cheer to the gloomy months.

We’ve made bath bombs before but the Bath Bomb Factory looks like an all singing, all dancing piece of kit. Although still very much a toy, I think being black and clear instead of bright pink makes this feel more grown up. Isabella thought it looked really cool and it comes with enough ingredients to made 6 fizzy bombs.

These Top Model colouring and sticker books have been brilliant. We have used these on car journeys or just for fun and Isabella always comes back to them. It’s shown she’s actually got quite an eye for fashion and is something she really enjoys getting creative with.

We absolutely love Tension as a family and this is a real go to game for any games’ night or grey afternoon. It’s fast pace and fun topics make it great fun for adults and children. For a girl who isn’t overly keen on board games, she loves this one and would play it every games’ night if she could.

As she grows up, Isabella still wants to make jewellery but lots of the kits seem a little young for her. This Pipkits bead wrap bracelet kit is easy to use but more grown up and allows kids still to play without feeling like a little kid. It comes with jewellery pliers and a beautiful little keepsake box too.

So there you have it. Our top gifts for 9 year old girls, inspired by a 9-year-old’s Christmas List.


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