Beautiful Personalised Pearl and Silver Bracelet

TreatHErAs a new mummy, I don’t often wear jewellery but when I received this gorgeous freshwater pearl bracelet with a sterling sliver heart which was engraved with my daughter’s date of birth, I couldn’t stop wearing it.

Personalised jewellery, especially hand and footprint jewellery, has really sprung up in the past few years and while they are lovely, offers a piece of personalised jewellery that is a little more subtle.

It is beautifully made and the sterling silver heart is quite heavy and solid so I’m not afraid it will damage. On this heart, my daughter’s date of birth is beautifully engraved and this is a lot more personal and subtle. You can have initials, a name (up to 6 letters) or a special date engraved on the heart so it is the perfect gift to remember a special occasion. The engraving looks a lot lighter than seen in the photos, which I actually prefer.

It comes in two colours, classic white (my favourite) or rainbow grey. The pearls are all picked so are of a similar size to one another but aren’t all perfectly rounded which is a telling sign the pearls are real.

The bracelet has a delicate link extension clasp so that it will accommodate most wrist sizes.

I only have one slight criticism with this beautiful bracelet and that is that because the heart pendant is heavier than the clasp, it tends to swivels down underneath your wrist leaving the clasp on show. The clasp could therefore do with being a little heavier to compensate for this.

All in all however, I really love this bracelet and have had so many compliments when I’ve been out with it. It could be worn everyday or saved for special occasions; it really is lovely and versatile.

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This really is a perfect Mother’s Day treat (hint hint!).

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