Books 2 Doors Review

We were recently asked if we would like to review Books 2 Doors. We were delighted to pick a series of new books to indulge in over the half term. After having a look through the extensive collections available, we decided to give the Dog Man series a try. The books were easy to find and the website very easy to navigate. From start to finish the process was simple and quick; the books arrived within two days wee packaged and ready to read. This service is perfect for my eldest as she simply devours books. She loves reading and when she finds a book that interests her, she’s lost for hours.

Dog Man

Dog Man, a policeman with the head of a dog (you’ll have to read it to find out how that happened!) ends up being the greatest cop ever. With cat criminal Petey always up to no good, Dog Man comes to the rescue time and time again. Dog Man manages to sniff out situations and bring peace back to the city.

This colourful cartoon style book is an interesting way of getting reluctant readers to read. The comic book style means that although the books are over 200 pages long, they are easy enough to read quickly and can be read independently or you can read them to your child. I love the ‘Flip-o-Rama’ pages which bring the animation to ‘life’ life a flip book and so do the children. The illustrations are bright and engaging like you’d expect from a cartoon and engage children quickly. I’d guess that this set of books is aimed at those early reader who are moving on to chapter books but who need books that are fast paced and quick to read. Any child disengaged in reading might find this an easy route back into reading and learning to enjoy books and reading for pleasure.

While there is talk about poo and toilet humour, it isn’t terrible. I’m sure most children will have heard worse on the playground! My 6-year-old finds toilet humour absolutely hilarious and will laugh out loud at when it comes up in the books. He does however know when toilet humour isn’t appropriate and therefore doesn’t use it at school etc. I’m sure if you just talk about when it may or may not be appropriate, you can let them enjoy this series.

Definitely engaged my reluctant reader

As I mentioned before, the reading level of this book is probably aimed at those early reader who haven’t quite worked their way up to full on chapter books yet. My 6-year-old loves them because they are easy to follow and funny too. He does need help decoding some words but for the most part is able to read this independently. This has been a fab set to engage my reluctant reader. At this stage, I’m more worried about Benjamin losing his love of reading than I am about what he is reading. The Dog Man series has managed to strike the right balance between independent reading and challenge along with enjoyment. My 9-year-old reads these with ease and they are not challenging at all however, she still enjoys the stories and gets caught up with the characters.

We ordered the Dog Man series of 9 hard back books from Books 2 Doors and they arrived very quickly (within 2 days) packaged well. I was a little disappointed that this set doesn’t seem to have a box to store the books in; they all come loose in the packaging. Although the children haven’t noticed this and it in no way affects the enjoyment of the books themselves, I do personally like to have all book sets in a box. That being said, it wouldn’t stop me buying the set again, it was just something which irked me.

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