BU Bibs Taggie Comfort Blanket

taggietaggieBU Bibs do a lovely handmade bib and taggie blanket duo. They are bright, soft and most importantly they mop up a lot of dribble!

My little one, like many of yours (I’m sure), has turned into a dribble machine 24/7; the only time she doesn’t dribble is when she is asleep and we have ‘plugged the hole’ so to speak with her dummy. So I began a hunt for the best dribble bib and came across this lovely set from BU Bibs.

One of the reasons I love this set is because Isabella will chew her bib as well as dribble on it so I get through a lot of bibs during the day. With this taggie blanket and bib set, she can wear the bib and chew/suck/gum the taggie blanket to her hearts content. Admittedly, the taggie gets covered in dribble and every tag on the blanket is saturated but at least I don’t have to try and find yet another bib to change her into!

The tags on this blanket are all made from different colours, textures and sizes so are perfect for little fingers to explore. This gives the blanket another use; it helps them to find new textures and can really captivate little minds. The tags have been sewn into the blanket three times for safety reasons so you don’t need to worry about your baby putting it in their mouth.

The blanket is made from a cotton upper and soft fleece back so is also perfect to use (when not saturated with dribble) as a comforter to keep your little one company when they go for a nap. I think this would be a perfect gift for a newborn as they could use the blanket as a comforter from day one and then use it to play with and to control the drool when they are a little bigger.

You can get two different size blankets in the taggie blanket and bib set.

Looking at the bib, it’s large and beautifully thick which means it keeps Isabella dry for longer. The fleece back seems to keep the wetness away a lot longer than other fabrics I have come across but it does eventually get wet all the way through. It comes with one popper stud but you can ask to have another one put in when you order.

As much as I love how dry this keeps Isabella, it’s quite thick and seems to bunch up under Isabella’s chin and can sometimes cover her mouth (therefore giving her access to chew it more easily). I think this is probably down to the fact that she is still quite small and therefore the bib seems big but this is only a small negative. I think this could easily be remedied if the neckline was cut in a gentle curve to help prevent the bunching of too much material.


  1. Amanda Young says:

    Hi there. I LOVE the red and white star tag blanket and bib duo!!! Are these for sale and if so, how much?
    Look forward to hearing from you

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