Christmas Gift Guide 4-8 year olds

*We were given some of these toys for the purpose of this gift guide, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

With Christmas fast approaching, I thought I’d bring you my Christmas gift inspiration for children aged 4-8 this year!

Top of my 5 year old’s list this year is the High Pro 8 in 1 Folding Multi Games Table. We haven’t got this out properly or assembled yet as we wouldn’t be able to hide it again before Christmas! But what I can say is that we had to order three separate ones due to them being damaged. We picked up from store instead of getting it delivered in the end so we could check the product before leaving the store. Although not made with the best quality wood, for the price, it seems to be a great product. There are so many games and activities, we are hoping it will entertain the kids and adults over Christmas.

Tweet Beats

If your little monkey loves making music, Tweet Beats will go down a storm. Each little Tweet Beat Bird has their very own style and sound and mix them up on the different branches of their tree, you will be able to manipulate and master different beats to make your very own music. Each Tweet Beat bird has their own beat, melody and vocal so you can mix up the music to your own style. Although there are only four branches, you can buy additional Tweet Beat birds to mix your music up even more. The more birds you have, the more music combinations you can make. The concept of this musical gift is so simple and easy to use that your little ones will love mixing their own sounds. Parents will love the fact that there are two different volume levels too!

Puzzle Cars London Bus

The London Bus Puzzle Cars is a brilliant puzzle with added playability with a movable vehicle. It is a 16-piece set and the track is completely interchangeable so your little one can create up to 50 different track combinations. This would make a lovely stocking filler or smaller gift and will keep your little one entertained. It even comes with the battery so you won’t run out Christmas morning- Hallelujah!

Ultimate Gross Science

I haven’t met a child yet who doesn’t love exploring gross and gooey things from time to time. The Ultimate Gross Science box offers you and your child the chance to test out 12 gross experiments while learning a little more about how the body works. If your child loves toilet humour, they will feel right at home; you can discover how farts are produced as well as make your own bouncing poo! You can make slime, pus balls, fake blood as well as learn how your bladder actually pees! So while these are all quite gross, there is an element of cool learning about the human body too!

Buzz Snow

For creative play this polymer powder turns into a material that feels a lot like snow! It ‘s eco-friendly and non toxic so great for small children and animals (in case it gets on the floor! Buzz Snow will expand to about 100 times its original size. Follow the simple instructions using the cup and spoon included to make wonderfully soft snow. The best part – you don’t have to throw it away once you’re finished. After about two and a half weeks, the snow will dehydrate and return to its powder form ready to be reused.

MxyKikker Wind Up Toy

This is a fantastic addition to the children’s toys. The wind up MxyKikker critter has just the right amount of creepy legged coolness and is totally fascinating to watch move. Even the cat loves this one! I think I love it even more because there are no batteries required for this fun toy. Simply rotate the middle legs backwards (there is an arrow for your convenience too), put MxyKikker down and watch him crawl around and over obstacles. Watch as he clambers over things or fall over – he can even walk upside-down when he falls.

Marvin’s Magic Treasured Tricks

Who doesn’t love to do a little bit of magic? We have a couple of magic sets already but I love how old school this one seems. This beautiful wooden Marvin’s Magic Treasured Tricks set comes in a handy wooden presentation box which is perfect for keeping all your budding magician’s items stored away. The magic box tricks have been specifically designed for smaller hands so really is perfect for this age group. It comes complete with an easy to follow and carefully illustrated booklet to show your child a step by step guide to the magic tricks. There is a great range of tricks to learn in this starter set and the tricks are simple enough to learn yet very effective. This little set will last for years to come.


If your child loves flinging, flicking or pinging anything, Fantasticats is going to be a huge hit. Your child can use the target practice to fling the Fantasticats through the air and hopefully onto the target. You need to slip the Fantasticat’s arms through the slits in the catapult launcher, pull back and take aim. You could play for precision or for distance, the super stretchy Fantasticats will fly to your demands. We love that it comes with two slingshots so the children don’t need to fight over who’s turn it is to play with. They seem to be made of good quality and sturdy plastic however, the target is only made of cardboard so be aware, it might take a beating!

Vet Squad Safari Expedition 4X4

The Vet Squad Safari 4X4 has fully manurable wheels and winch to help bring your creative play to life. This set comes with Yaya figure with stethoscope and giraffe figure. You the fully equipped 4X4 and the magical potion to help heal the giraffe. Open the 4X4 at the rear to reveal the mobile vet clinic. With X-ray, shower and table, you can fix up your poorly animals. The giraffe’s cut will go away under warn water and reappear once cold again. It also comes with bandage to add to the true vet experience. This is a sturdy little set which will be great fun for small kids.

It’s Your Story

If your little ones love reading, you need to get them one of these sweet personalised books from It’s Your Story. There are so many different books to choose from including a range especially for Christmas. The book quality and page quality is brilliant with clear images and bright, vivid colours. The personalisation of these books is aimed at engaging children and foster a love of learning from a young age. While they are aimed at pre-school and early readers, my 8 year old still treasures hers. Each book is illustrated beautifully and includes your little ones face on the illustration. You can even include a personalised message in the front of the book to mark a special day. We love It’s Your Story books!

Blue Planet Book

A stunningly beautiful book which my children adore. The pictures in the Blue Planer II book are magnificent and it’s written to captivate and engage. It truly captures the essence of the Blue Planet II TV series from the BBC and is a wonderful non-fiction book which opens up discussions and conversations about our planet and the animals within it. It is absolutely jam packed with fascinating facts and interesting information about life under the water. This is a book that will be read to my children while they are young and re-read by my children when they are older; it has the feeling of longevity and you just know it will be read and re-read for years and years to come.

DesignNest Rollercoaster

At first I thought the DesignNest Rollercoaster Marble Run might be a little bit of a one hit wonder but if you have children who love building, exploring and marble run, this is amazing. Although it can be a little fiddly to begin with, once you get the hang of it, you can effortlessly attach, move and create different structures and watch your Rollercoaster Marble Run snake around its track. The plastic cube frames can unclip but are easily slotted back together again. They attach with magnets and can be attached on any side. We have been mastering the perfect patterns to get the most velocity from our track. The starter pack is enough to really get stuck into but we are already looking at extending this pack as it’s so much fun and we want to build even higher structures.

Drone Home

Drone Home is a wonderfully fun and super fast paced family game where you have to flick your alien into its launchpad ready to get them to safety. But it’s not over when your alien lands in the drone, no! It takes a few seconds for the drone to actually launch so if you are fast enough, you can knock your opponent’s alien out of the drone and get your own alien to safety. The aim of this game is to be the first to get all of your coloured aliens to safety. The simplicity of this game and the pace make it brilliant fun. The added bonus of the aliens actually flying off in a real drone are excellent. It is a little fragile so do be careful when catching the drone and be aware, it can fly quite high! My advice is to retrieve the drone yourself to avoid smaller children being a little heavy handed with it.

The Wall Racer

The Wall Racer is an absolute must have racing car for speed enthusiasts. This car not only zips around quickly but defies gravity and drives up walls! It uses an air suction to stick to flat wall surfaces or ceilings. It has two LED headlights to add to the perfect driving experience and creates fun and excitement driving in the dark. You can race up to three of these cars together which can add to the fun of the racing car or simply make tracks and race courses for the car to zip around. This is a super fun toy children and adults will enjoy.

Thunder Glow Drone

If your children are interested in drones, this light up, Thunder Glow Drone with LED lights all around it will be a huge hit. It’s a medium size drone and has a good size remote control for smaller hands. It offers three different speeds with ‘back to home’ automatic button which I’m sure will have its uses, especially early on! The slower speed will be especially useful for beginner drone users. This is suitable for children 8 and over so is at the top of the age range here.

Micro Jet Drone

The Micro Jet drone is a much smaller drone than the Thunder Glow, this micro sized drone also makes use of a decent sized controller. Slightly trickier to steer than the Thunder Glow this is still a great little drone for enthusiastic flyers! This drone can fly vertically and had a long range control for outdoor use. Again, it has three speed setting and I’d advise beginners to use the slowest speed to begin with. It can do 360 degree flips (but I haven’t mastered that yet!) It also has a self control button which you can use to make it fly in circles.

Air Ball

If you have non carpeted floors and a long hallway, the Air Ball is brilliant. My son uses this in the hall or kitchen and will bounce it off the skirting board to come back to him. The air flow is really good and allows the ‘ball’ to skim over the floor with ease. He really enjoys being able to play football inside and I love how it’s lightweight and padded so it doesn’t scuff the walls or skirting and also is light enough not to do any damage in the kitchen! With LED lights embedded in the ball, the children love playing with this in the dark too.


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