Fingerprint-Jewellery Ten Tiny Toes Belcher Bracelet


A stunning, heavy, well made bracelet with a beautiful charm capturing my daughters tiny footprint.

I love everything about my daughter but her feet are particularly cute so I wanted to capture them and keep her prints somewhere special. Even though I have a baby book for all her firsts, I wanted something I could look at on a more regular basis. This is when I decided to get a footprint charm.

I couldn’t see the exact package I wanted online so emailed Fingerprint-Jewellery and they were very quick in responding and very helpful. They created my order and send out a revised invoice tailor made to my needs.

I received the non-toxic, invisible wipe and paper and using the detailed instructions, took the print of my little one. It took several attempts to get a good print but Fingerprint-Jewellery supply two large pieces of card so there is plenty of room to make mistakes. Unless you specify a particular print, the company will pick the best print to use to make your charm.

Fingerprint-Jewellery now use sterling silver instead of pure silver as it’s a harder metal. All of their required jewellery is hallmarked in Birmingham or Sheffield. All pieces are individually made so no two will ever be the same (even if you use the same print).

The whole process takes between 4-6 weeks unless you check priority at the checkout (this will incur extra costs).

When my bracelet arrived, it was well packaged and ready to present if you bought as a gift. The ten tiny toes charm itself is lovely and small enough to be discrete if you don’t normally wear bold jewellery. The print came out really well and you can see lots of little lines from the footprint.foot2

Unfortunately, there is not enough space on the back to have these charms personalised with anything more than an initial. This could be tricky if you were ordering more than one charm and your children had the same initials; it would have even been nice to have a shorthand date of birth on if a name wouldn’t fit.

Apart from that, I can’t criticise this lovely piece of jewellery. For more information, please visit


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