Great Little Trading Company Showroom Launch

Last week we were lucky enough to be invited to the grand opening of Great Little Trading Company’s showroom in London; and what a wonderful day it was too.IMG_5288 (2)

IMG_5230 (2)The children (and adults) had an absolute blast – the little ones all played beautifully together as if they’d known each other a lifetime and the best part was, there wasn’t a gadget in sight; all the children were able to enjoy the use of their imagination and were wholly content in doing so too.

The Great Little Trading Company team have worked tirelessly to create a wonderful showroom which not only showcases their amazing (and award winning) furniture and wooden toys but it’s aim is to help inspire parents to create gorgeous spaces in the home which are functional and look great.

Isabella already has her eye on an ‘up bed’ as she calls them for when she’s a little bigger and I think the Merlin High Sleeper will be the bed of choice in a year or so.IMG_4451

I’ve bought a few toys from the Great Little Trading Company in the past and their award winning website has so much to offer, but I am also desperate to be able to put their furniture to the test too. We’ve always found the quality of their products to be fantastic and have only held off on the furniture because of the age of our children. I felt she was too young before now but having seen her playing away with the sweetest little dresser and mirror, I now can’t wait to start building up her room into a magical haven.Great Little Trading Company

Benjamin will have to wait a few more years before he gets any of the furniture for his room but he’s more than happy playing with his toys for now.Great Little Trading Company 2

I think the thing that attracts me most to the toys from the Great Little Trading Company is the fact they all require imagination; children can’t simply sit down and ‘be entertained’, they need to envelop themselves into playing which encourages and nurtures role play and stimulates their imagination. I am a huge believer in the power of imagination and as one of the Great Little Trading Company’s core values, I think their toys are perfect. I absolutely love their wooden kitchens and the shops as they can really stimulate play for hours. Shops can turn into a café, kitchens can be a part of the home, a cake shop, or a bakery – the list can be endless. They may seem a little expensive but if you are looking for quality products that you can pass down from child to child, generation to generation, they are certainly worth the investment.Great Little Trading Company 4

While the furniture always looked stunning online, they come into their own when you see them in the showroom. They not only look gorgeous and could create statement pieces in the home, but they are again such amazing quality; they are solid and look like they will last and last. I would love to get some of the Northcote Storage for the dining room as we currently keep some of the children’s toys in there. While we currently have a basic storage unit in there, it doesn’t look as beautiful as this would; and I would continue to use this after the toys had moved out. Saying that, I think the storage system would also look fantastic in the bedroom too!

Having a showroom to be able to visit makes buying your large pieces of furniture much easier because you can visualise it in your space a lot easier and actually get the opportunity to see how it works. It gives you the chance to play around with ideas a bit more and the staff are all so helpful that if you are struggling with ideas, they’d be delighted to help you. They opened on the 29th April, 2016 and would love to welcome you too!

Looking at the ‘finishing touches’ for rooms, I (and the rest of the family) fell in love with the wigwams. The idea that they can be used for a den to role play as well as a comfy nook to sit and read appeals a lot to me. It’s a space that you really can turn into anything you want.IMG_5292 (2)IMG_4464IMG_5248 (2)

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