Have you got Father’s Day sorted?

With Father’s Day fast approaching, if you’re anything like me and leave things to the last minute, you might need to nip out and get some supplies in before the big day. Tesco and Hallmark have thankfully come up with a huge range of Father’s Day cards and gifts which would be perfect for any dad this Father’s Day.

They have such a large range of affordable, quality cards that you’d struggle not to find the perfect one for you. I really love how it’s not just cards for ‘Dad’ but there are also cards for step-dads and grandads too. The term family is different to everyone and more and more children are being looked after by step-parents and grandparents and it’s important to celebrate them too.

We were kindly sent a large range of cards to choose from this Father’s Day and after I showed the children all of the cards, they finally decided upon the Monster-rific card and the thank you breakfast card.

I have a couple of favourite cards – I honestly can’t just choose one. I love the pop up shed card, it’s prefect for my husband who loves his man cave outside and I also really love the mug of tea card with pop up biscuit inside – this one is ideal for my own dad who loved nothing more than a cup of tea!


To go with the cards and messages the children will write for their amazing daddy, it is only fitting that he is given a couple of dad gifts. It wouldn’t be Father’s Day without a pair of socks now would it! Tesco have a range of socks and boxers perfect for any superhero. As well as your classic socks and pants, you’ve also got your t-shirts, mugs, games and chocolates. All of their items are lovely and there’s such a variety, you’re little ones will be sure to find something for their daddy.

While the children are so little, I love the idea of having more personalised presents which is perfect because we were sent a plain white t-shirt with some fabric pens so the children can create a real piece of art on a t-shirt to make a truly special and unique Father’s Day gift.

Why not get baking too?

Without spending a fortune and having a house full to bursting of the children’s crafts, baking something special can be a real treat that the children can get really involved in and the dad’s will really love eating. We have a sweet Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter Set so the children can either bake or decorate these for the big day, or they could wait and bake them with their dad for a fun activity to do together.

I really love the whole range that Tesco has on offer – there really is something for everyone at prices that won’t break the bank.

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