Moissanite Wedding Bands

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Getting married is such a special time of your life that you ‘ll want to make it perfect. Shesaidyes is the there for you from the very beginning. There is such a wonderful range of beautiful and simply stunning rings for you to choose from including these absolutely stunning halo rings. The halo engagement ring features a central gemstone which is then encircled by a single or double line of smaller gems to add that extra bling factor.

Halo Ring

At SHE SAID YES, they understand how personal your engagement is, therefore you are able to make your ring just as personal. You can customise the metal choosing from yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum. You can pick from sapphire blue stone, garnet red, emerald greed or amethyst purple or pay a slight premium for moissanite to ensure you get the ring of your dreams.

My favourite from the halo rings has to be this You Are My Life oval cut engagement ring. It is so elegant yet it screams bling in a classy way.

Wedding Band

Once you’ve had the answer you’ve been wanting and the ring is firmly on her finger, the next step is to start looking at wedding rings. There are a wonderful range of moissanite wedding bands to pick from on Shesaid yes from your more classic band to something much more ornate. I love a more classic look, like this You’re Magical Classic Wedding Ring.

If I were to go for something a little different though, I think the My Sunshine Classic Wedding Ring is really pretty and just a little different to most other wedding rings I have seen.

Eternity Ring

Looking forward to marking a significant milestone in your marriage, the eternity ring has long been a symbol of everlasting love. Traditionally they mark important milestones such as the birth of your first child or a wedding anniversary but in reality, you can give an eternity ring whenever you like. Whether you’re thinking about giving a ring to symbolise your everlasting love and commitment or to represent the continuing cycle of life, you can be sure to find a perfect moissanite eternity band to compliment your engagement and wedding rings. Again, I love something quite simple and elegant, or something you could also wear on your other hand. If I had to pick just one, I’d go for this beautiful The Beginning Of Forever ring.

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