Newborn Photography Shoot

We are lucky enough to have a very talented friend and when she offered to take photos for us when Benjamin was born, we jumped at the chance. We didn’t ever do a newborn shoot with Isabella and I feel we really missed out there, but Fiona (from Little Love Photography) made sure that she took some lovely pictures of Isabella as well as Benjamin so she won’t feel left out.

Fiona explained really clearly how long we should expect the session to last and what to wear as well as general tips to ensure that Benjamin was asleep for the actual shoot. The expectation from both sides was clear and it made the session run smoothly without any feeling of pressure.

Fiona is really professional throughout the session and she creates a really relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. I was a little worried about how Isabella would act as she has been used to being centre of attention but Fiona put us at ease and made sure we got the photos we wanted; we tried to do the sibling shots first but Isabella wasn’t having anything of it so we let her play while we got the single shots of Benjamin. Once Isabella had forgotten about the attention not being on her, she actually warmed up and too some beautiful pictures.


The shoot takes place in your own home so you can feel comfortable and you don’t have to worry about travelling with a newborn. Everything is taken care of so all you need to worry about is what you want to wear for the shoot.

All the photos are taken using natural light so they don’t look artificial and it also means that there aren’t lots of lamps around. I found this much more relaxing and I was totally at ease when Fiona was moving Benjamin into the different positions.

After the posed shots, Fiona offers you the chance to have some more natural shots around the house. We used the sofa for some relaxed family shots but lots of people will use bedrooms or the nursery for this too.

After the shoot, Fiona will get at least one sneak peek photo up on her Facebook page by the evening and depending on how busy she is, will get the other images edited within a week or two. All of the images you choose will be put on a USB and you will be able to print and re-print until your hearts content. I think this is a much better deal than when you only get the change to buy prints as I constantly want to change and swap the images I have around the house, and this gives me the opportunity without costing the earth.

Fiona doesn’t just do newborn shoots, she offers a range of different shoots to suit you including little ones and  outdoors so have a peek at her website and make sure you book your place!

I am so pleased with the way the images came out – I’ve already got several printed onto acrylic to display them. Here are a few of my favourite pictures.

DSC_0021.psd_final.landscape_2 DSC_9769 DSC_9783 DSC_9790 DSC_9812 DSC_9860 DSC_9881 DSC_9916


  1. Wow!! lovely and cutest post 🙂 All are very beautiful pictures. Must say, family photography has changed since the days of dark studios and uncomfortable posing stools… more and more people want a freer approach to their sessions. I just love your post. Must say, things you covered through the post are interesting and impressive.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Hi Buddy
    What a great post you have shared !
    Good tips as always! I agree with you that finding a professional photographer can save our time as well as can make our pictures look more beautiful. Good tips as always! Rounding up kids and making sure everyone is happy and smiley can seem like such a hard task but I find that one should keep it light and happy. Often, picture time can be dreaded as they have to stand still and smile but I find that the more content and stress free a child is the better moments are captured! Thanks for sharing! I will look forward for more information from you.
    Have a nice day..
    Chloe Michelides

  3. These photos turned out great! It’s awesome you were able to use your own home for the shoot. I love the second photo!

  4. It’s great that Fiona offers so many options. Outdoor shoots sound like a nice choice.

  5. Isabella says:

    The little bed for your baby I like most. 🙂 It’s just awesome to look and cute too. Personally, I like the first photo for the bed. Thank you so much and keep sharing this type of idea. Now, waiting for your next article.

  6. Wow lovely and sweet photos of kids. These are very beautiful and fantastic pictures. Your post is interesting and impressive. Thanks for sharing this great ideas.

  7. Just how beautiful can pictures be?

    Great baby shots. WOW!!!!


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