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After a long, wet day at work, I arrived home feeling tried, grumpy and generally not great but all that changed when I saw a large box with my name on it. When I opened the box, I was delighted to reveal another beautiful purple and silver box decorated with a hand tied bow; it looked so special.

I opened the box to find it was literally stuffed with lovely products for my daughter. Included in this amazing bundle were: a BabyCup, a Cloud B Sheep, an Ella’s Kitchen dinner, a Gumigem Necklace, a MAM Toothbrush, BEABA 360’ Spoon and two small packs of WaterWipes.Nonabox2

Nonabox tailor make your box to suit you and your baby so when you (or a kind friend/family member) sign you up to receive a Nonabox, you can specify whether you are pregnant or how old your baby is; the boxes cater for pregnancy to a two-year-old. You can either sign up for a monthly subscription at £25 a month, pay for a three month package for £70 (saving you £5), a six month package at £130 (saving you £20) or an annual package at £250 (saving you £50). Even though this might seem like a lot at a first glance, each month the content of the box you will receive will always be more than it cost you and the products are well thought out and useful.

As a mum of a one-year-old, I have to say that if I were given this subscription as a gift (regardless of how long the subscription was for) I would be absolutely delighted. I think it makes a wonderfully unique gift and if you are unsure of what to buy a new mum, Nonabox have taken all the hard work out of the equation but have left all the thoughtfulness in!Nonabox3

The Products:

My favourite has to be the Cloud B Sheep. My daughter loves it and it makes a beautiful toy for her at the minute. I haven’t used it as a pillow yet as she doesn’t use a pillow at all but we do keep it in her cot so she gets the benefit of the lavender smell helping to relax her and fall asleep. I am also hoping that by introducing it to the cot now, she will get used to it and use it as a pillow when she’s ready. The fact that the lavender pouch is detachable makes it even better. The other amazing thing about this pillow is how easy it will be to take away with us. You could fold it into its toy position and using the Velcro, attach it to a bag handle so it doesn’t get lost. A beautiful product in my eyes and already with this one product, you are getting more than you pay for a subscription!

WaterWipes- 99.9% purified water, 0.1% fruit extract; nothing else! Who doesn’t use a baby wipe! I even end up using them for me when I’m out. The best thing about these is how pure they are and that they are suitable from birth. My daughter’s skin is really sensitive and other branded wipes, even if they say ‘sensitive’ are too strong and cause her to have a rash. WaterWipes are brilliant – they are moist enough to clean your baby and pure enough not to cause any skin irritation.

The MAM Toothbrush is a great size for my little one and the shape of the handle helps her to be able to use it more effectively; she still chews it more than she brushes but the general idea is there. It says that you can use the bottom of the handle as a tongue brush but I have found the bristles are soft enough to use if I need to brush her tongue. The bottom of the handle does however come in handy for soothing sore gums and she really does give a good gnaw on it!

I loved the idea of the BEABA 360’ Spoon (actually my husband was saying only a week ago that it would be great to have a spoon like this) but in reality I found it wasn’t as good as I had expected. The main disadvantage for a baby-led weaning one-year-old is that they don’t quite have the motor skills to scoop the food onto a rotating spoon. Isabella can just about manage to scoop food onto a normal baby spoon but then it falls off because she rotates her whole wrist. It’s probably because she is still a little too young to be using cutlery properly that this hasn’t been a bigger hit with us but I will try it again when she’s a little older. The other small criticism is how deep the spoon actually is, I think it’s too deep for a young toddler to start off with and they could do with making a smaller size. On the plus side however, once your toddler is able to use a spoon properly, you can lock the spoon in place so it no longer rotates thus making it have a longer life span.

The Gumigem necklace was a lovey addition to the box as it’s something for both mum and baby. I’ve used Gumigem before and really like their non-toxic, washable silicone jewellery for when my baby is teething. It comes in a range of colours and designs and doesn’t look out of place as a piece of jewellery – a perfect gift for any mum.

Because we have followed the baby-led weaning route, I haven’t really used pre-made dinners for Isabella and so we weren’t really interested in the Ella’s Kitchen dinner. I know of lots of parents who do use them and they really love them so we gave it to our niece to enjoy instead.

The Babycup looks like a shot glass to me and we did give it a go but I must admit, I don’t like it. I completely understand the benefits and why dentists recommend it but for me it just means water all over the floor! Perhaps it’s because I didn’t introduce it when Isabella first started weaning – I’m not sure but she will drink quite happily (and more successfully) from a larger plastic cup/glass. I’m sure it can help children learn to sip instead of suck but I just think it’s too small as I had to keep refilling it during lunch/dinner and most of the water went on the floor. Thoughtful idea but the Babycup didn’t work for me.

I really think Nonabox has found a gap in the market and I can’t wait to receive my next month’s box to see what goodies are inside! (Update to follow!)






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