Nordgreen Pioneer Watch Review

Nordgreen watches are carefully crafted Scandinavian timepieces that are beautifully created with fine attention to detail. They subtly suggest luxury without being overbearing. They are a perfect choice for an everyday premium watche that add class to your look.

I was given the opportunity to review a watch of my choice from Nordgreen so I decided to treat my Dad to the Pioneer which is Nordgreen’s take on a chronograph. When the watch arrived I was pleased to see the packaging looked and felt as premium as the watch itself. Although not a necessity, I really love how companies package products well to add to the luxury. The Pioneer watch comes in a sturdy outer sleeve with a soft-touch outer and the brand name embossed in the case. You slide out the inner box to reveal the watch delicately perching on the soft fabric within. Held securely using elastic straps, you know your watch isn’t going to be banged around in the post.

The Watch

The Pioneer watch itself is really well made. It’s made of 316L Stainless Steel (we went for the Gun Metal case colour with the Black dial for a super sleek look). I also chose the 20mm black leather strap although there are plenty of interchangeable straps to choose from. The Pioneer is rain resistant so is perfect for daily wear but I would be cautious if using around water. The watch is encased in a domed sapphire crystal glass and really looks stunning.

Some watches can be heavy and cumbersome to wear but the Pioneer I neither of these things. Although it is a substantial piece, it fits well and is comfortable to wear. It certainly doesn’t feel cumbersome and looks great on. The 42mm face size is great and would suit most men’s wrists.


This beautiful minimalist design mimics the sustainability that Nordgreen aspire to live in. Nordgreen offer you function, sleek design and have a huge focus on sustainability too; with each watch sold, they empower you to donate to one of three good causes with their ‘Giving Back Program’. All you need is your serial number on your watch to donate. The unique serial number allows Nordgreen to track the impact of that your donation has made.



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