Sassy Bloom Gift Box

  Sassy Bloom is a new company based in London who state they are the ‘original personalised product box subscription service.’  The idea is that each month you receive a box of goodies tailor made for your baby’s age and gender.  Boxes start from £24 a month and delivery is free. The box I received was stated to retail at £40.  The presentation box was beautiful and it made me feel very special receiving this in the post.  However, when {Read More}

Nonabox Gift Subscription

After a long, wet day at work, I arrived home feeling tried, grumpy and generally not great but all that changed when I saw a large box with my name on it. When I opened the box, I was delighted to reveal another beautiful purple and silver box decorated with a hand tied bow; it looked so special. I opened the box to find it was literally stuffed with lovely products for my daughter. Included in this amazing bundle were: {Read More}

Circle Of Life Pendant

The Circle of Life Pendant, available from Treatrepublic is a stunning piece of silver jewellery; it can be worn both day and night depending on what you team it with. For those of you who jewellery that means something, but you aren’t a fan of personalised or imprint jewellery, this is a great choice. The simple and elegant design of the Circle of Life necklace would make a thoughtful and loving gift; the circle itself represents always embracing and relishing every {Read More}

Treasured Keepsakes Silver Keyring

          As a first time mummy, I’m a real sucker for anything that will keep an impression of my daughter’s tiny hands or feet! My latest addition is a beautiful silver heart shaped keyring with my daughter’s handprints on the front and name on the back. The handprints on this keyring are the best I have seen on any piece of silver jewellery; they really show the little lines and creases in the palm as well {Read More}

Beautiful Personalised Pearl and Silver Bracelet

As a new mummy, I don’t often wear jewellery but when I received this gorgeous freshwater pearl bracelet with a sterling sliver heart which was engraved with my daughter’s date of birth, I couldn’t stop wearing it. Personalised jewellery, especially hand and footprint jewellery, has really sprung up in the past few years and while they are lovely, offers a piece of personalised jewellery that is a little more subtle. It is beautifully made and the sterling silver heart {Read More}

BU Bibs Taggie Comfort Blanket

BU Bibs do a lovely handmade bib and taggie blanket duo. They are bright, soft and most importantly they mop up a lot of dribble! My little one, like many of yours (I’m sure), has turned into a dribble machine 24/7; the only time she doesn’t dribble is when she is asleep and we have ‘plugged the hole’ so to speak with her dummy. So I began a hunt for the best dribble bib and came across this lovely set {Read More}

Fingerprint-Jewellery Ten Tiny Toes Belcher Bracelet

A stunning, heavy, well made bracelet with a beautiful charm capturing my daughters tiny footprint. I love everything about my daughter but her feet are particularly cute so I wanted to capture them and keep her prints somewhere special. Even though I have a baby book for all her firsts, I wanted something I could look at on a more regular basis. This is when I decided to get a footprint charm. I couldn’t see the exact package I wanted {Read More}

Precious Fingerprint Jewellery Small Hand/Footprint Charm

My handprint charm is a beautiful charm that I will cherish forever. After giving birth to my daughter in August, I realised how quickly she would change so I wanted to capture her little chubby handprint in a way I could keep and look at often. Once you pay for your chosen piece of jewellery (of which there are so many different and beautiful pieces), you will be sent out a kit relevant to the piece you picked (fingerprint is {Read More}