Party Bags and Supplies: Review

When you have a birthday party to organise, there is so much that you need to sort out; party bags and matching plates and cups can sometimes be the last thing on your mind, especially if you’re looking at hiring a venue, adding bouncy castles or soft play packages into the mix. Well if you are looking for a one stop shop bursting with ideas and products, why not head over to Party Bags and Supplies.

We were given the chance to review a party pack for Benjamin’s 1st birthday and decided to choose the gorgeously cute Paddington Bear theme. There really is such a variety to choose from that I’m sure you’d be able to cater for any picky party guest of honour.

party bags 2

Our pack itself includes:

8 x Paper Plates

8 x Paper Cups

16 x Napkins &

1 x Table cover

Plus 8 filled Paddington party bags each containing:

1 x Notebook (8cm x 8cm),

1 x Pencil (17cm),

1 x Crayon (10cm),

1 x Sticker set (3.5 cm x 7.5cm) &

1 x Flump (Age 3+)


The design is really bright and colourful and the set really makes a lovely table display. The quality of the products is brilliant and just perfect for smaller hands. The plates are think enough that they don’t bend under the weight of food and the cups also withstand a little nibble around the top… I don’t know why children like to nibble the tops of cups but hey! The party bags are packed full and the perfect size too.

The delivery came in plenty of time for the party and was packaged really well. The party bags were pre packed which was an added bonus as I wouldn’t have to worry about putting all the party bags together the night before. They each came sealed in their own paper bag so the contents wouldn’t fall out.


Having everything delivered in one box all at the same time meant that it was easy to put to one side and forget about until the big day arrived. Once it was party day, we could simply put the box in the car and know we had everything ready to go.

party bags

Once we had set up, we added the cake to the table and were ready for the children and the chaos to commence. I spend the night before making a Paddington Bear cake and it looked great alongside all the other party bits.

When it was time to send all the children off, they took their party bag, cake and balloon. All the children loved the part bags and thought they were great as they were a little different to regular party bags.


My only criticism would be that the items do work out more expensive than if you sourced them individually. However, you are paying for the convenience of it all in one shop. If you’ve got a party coming up, why not take a look at their range here.


  1. online party supplies uk says:

    They look amazing. I purchased some from onlineparty Newish company. Yours look spectacular. What camera was used? Really good quality?

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