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Sassy BloomSassy Bloom is a new company based in London who state they are the ‘original personalised product box subscription service.’  The idea is that each month you receive a box of goodies tailor made for your baby’s age and gender.  Boxes start from £24 a month and delivery is free.

The box I received was stated to retail at £40.  The presentation box was beautiful and it made me feel very special receiving this in the post.  However, when opening the box I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.

The contents included:

  • a letter from SassyBloom welcoming me to the subscription and giving me the story behind the brand
  • 2 x HIPP Organic Fruit food pouches
  • an anti colic MAM feeding bottle
  • an Itzy Nitzy Reusable snack and everything bag
  • Shea Mooti Mama’s Soothing Leg and Foot Cream
  • a Baby Einstein Bendy ball learning toy suitable from 3 months and
  • a wooden room plaque personalised with my son’s name

I struggled to see how the contents represented good value for money.  When I questioned SassyBloom about this they justifyingly sent a list of how much each product costs to buy and this did total more than £40.  However, when I did my own research I could find one of the products 44% cheaper on Amazon and therefore struggled to see where I was getting value for money in this subscription.

The SassyBloom website also states they provide ‘the very best products on the market today.’  Again, I can’t say I agree as the name plaque, whilst beautiful, was made from wood that was rough to touch and therefore lacked the quality I would expect from the prestige SassyBloom portrays.

As mentioned, SassyBloom pride themselves on giving a ‘personalised product box.’ I have a 1 year old son yet I received puree fruit pouches along with an anti colic feeding bottle, neither of which I would say suit a 1 year old’s needs nor actually fit together in the developmental stage of a baby.

In saying all this I do think the gift subscription idea is genius.  What better way to make a new mother feel special than to receive a gift box each month with lots of different products to try.  It’s a great way of sending a gift to somebody when you don’t know what they would like or if you wanted to give a gift over a prolonged amount of time.

If SassyBloom could attain products at a much cheaper rate than market value and therefore pass on great value for money to the customer, along with continually checking for updates on how baby is being brought up (breast or bottle fed, puree or Baby Led Weaning, for example) to make sure each box is optimally tailored, then SassyBloom would definitely lead in the Gift Box subscription experience but at present I feel there are better gift subscription packages on the market which offer much better value for money and service.



  1. The Nonabox its much more better , good honest review .x

  2. Although this post was quite some time ago – I have to say that I 100% DISAGREE with Hannah – regarding nonabox being better – I was signed up with them (unfortunately) they trapped me in a contract I couldn’t get out of! Never before have I seen such a shambolic company in all my life!!! Less products provided than promised – totally unsuitable products, doubling up on products – awful customer service – EXTREMELY late boxes – Ignoring emails – I can go on…

    I actually was referred and moved to Sassybloom and cannot praise this company highly enough – the complete opposite from above – they really care about their customers and are doing everything right – I even extended my subscription with sassybloom and also have brought sassybloom as a gift for several pregnant friends.

    That’s my 2 pence worth – thanks Mich

    • I would like to just say that we only tried one box from Sassy Bloom after a great first box from Nonabox. However, after the second and third boxes from Nonabox, I wouldn’t praise them as much as previously. We have stated in our October and November review of Nonabox that we weren’t as happy with their subsequent boxes and I too wouldn’t go back to them. Thank you for taking the time to write this as it’s great to hear how others experience companies too! Michelle

  3. I tried both Nonabox and Sassy Bloom and Sassy Bloom wins hands down.

    NO NO BOX (Nonabox) – I received generic items – not much use at all – for example I received pink things for my little boy! Items aimed at newborns when my baby was 6 months etc.. Although the offer from them was tempting – my money was better spent elsewhere as not only were the products rubbish but their customer service was diabolicle and I ended up rowing with them and just writting off the money in the end.

    Sassy Bloom – After a pretty horrifc experience with nonabox – i was reluctant to try Sassy Bloom but a couple of months had passed and I went in with an open mind that not all companies are the same.

    WHAT A DIFFERENCE and breath of fresh air! This is what I hoped for with nonabox – My box arrived quickly, beautifully wrapped up and every single item I received was appropriate and I could see a lot of thought had gone into the sassy bloom boxes whereas nonabox felt more like i was getting whatever was on the shelf. I kept up my subscription with Sassy bloom and have had around 5 boxes from them now – and so really glad I made the move. They’re also a british company and nonabox are spanish so I guess sassy bloom had a better understanding of what we as mums need for our babies.

    Keep up the good work Michelle

    Love Karen xxx

    • Glad you have found something which works for you and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts – I’m sure others will find it really helpful! 🙂

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