Snapfish Acrylic Photo Perfect for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day fast approaching and a hubby who doesn’t really buy into the mugs/keyrings and other gimmicky items that come with the title of Father’s Day, I wanted to get him something that he would actually love and something that wouldn’t cost the earth. Snapfish have the answer!

I had a look on the Snapfish website for gift ideas around photos. As we’ve just grown to a family of four, I wanted to incorporate our new addition to the gift as without my two gorgeous children, Father’s Day wouldn’t be about my husband in our household. For me, the things that really mean a lot and are worthwhile are the little moments and celebrating our family as we are, even the tougher times.

Now anyone who knows me will know how much I love my photos. I try to take nice pictures but I’m no professional so when a very good friend of mine offered to take pictures for us when Benjamin was born, I jumped at the chance. She showed me lots of images that she’d taken and they were all gorgeous but one of our absolute favourite snaps was of the two children when things weren’t going to plan. Benjamin had started crying and Isabella, who hates loud noises, just lay there are covered her ears. She usually dotes on Benjamin so much and lots of the pictures show how sweet they look together but we couldn’t stop laughing at the expression on Isabella’s face and the way she tried to block out the noise while Ed, my husband, tried to placate Benjamin by putting his finger in his mouth. This image really captured their little personalities and that’s why we love it so much.

Having decided on an image that I know brings us joy – most other people would probably wonder why we picked it – I looked at all the different options there were. Now we have quite a few canvas prints already and I wanted something a little more unique to give to Ed and that’s when I saw the Acrylic Photo Prints. It comes in 5 sizes from 6X4 to 30X20 and come with the required wall-hanging kit needed which is worth £4.99. I liked the idea of the Acrylic Photo Prints as it’s a little different and I thought it would look good. I was wrong; it looks AMAZING! The process of ordering was so simple too. Once I had the idea and had chosen my image, I think the whole process only took 3 minutes and that’s 3 minutes in return for hours and hours of pleasure.

 I have actually fallen a little bit in love with the Acrylic Photo Prints. I ordered the 18X12” print and it’s a brilliant size for £49.99. I’m sure the larger prints would look even better on a clean wall (and I was tempted!) but in terms of a great product which is value for money, the 18X12 print is perfect. The print quality is excellent and the acrylic makes the print look really glossy. The colours are crisp and clear and I really, really can’t fault this item at all. I am so in love with it that I want to get more prints done for around the house; maybe even a collage of them going up the stairs.

Because it’s not Father’s Day yet and we haven’t decided where to put the picture, the image included is just of the image resting on our photo shelf. I really can’t wait to hang it so it takes pride of place.

This gift is a gift that really will keep on giving; every time we look at it we will look back, smile and remember all the simple moments that make our family what it is. In our eyes, perfect (faults and all!).

If you like this idea and would like to get your image printed, don’t forget the deadline for Father’s Day orders is 15th June… so get snapping 🙂


  1. What a lovely photo and great gift x


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