Star Map : Review from Modern Map Art

Buying gifts can sometimes be a real pain in the neck. Now, I’m not talking your generic kids birthday parties (kids tell you ten times over what they’d like!); I’m talking about those people, often those close to you, that have everything and need nothing.

What do you buy for those people who seem to have everything?

Often it seems like my husband waits until the weeks preceding his birthday before he decides to go shopping and ends up buying everything you thought about getting him. Or your dad, who seems to always be bidding on something from eBay. That’s were Modern Map Art come in.

My dad’s 60th birthday is coming up and with his love of astrology (he has an observatory in the garden), I thought he’d be really impressed with the custom one of a kind star maps they offer. He loves looking for constellations and the different planets, so much so that he’s going to buy a new observatory and position it in a ‘better’ place in the garden to make the most of the night sky.

My dad is the type of person who will never give you a straight answer about what to buy him. He always tells us he’ll get something and we can just give him the money another day. It can be so frustrating. So getting him a star map to commemorate his 60th birthday was something I thought he’d love. Although I haven’t given it to him yet, we all think it’s amazing and can’t wait to see his reaction.

Simple to create and order

The process of ordering the star map was simple and quick. You can choose between a poster, a framed poster or a canvas as well as choosing the fight size for your space. I love that you can also choose the colour of the sky and the surrounding poster colour to fit any décor. I decided to go completely black as I thought it would really make the stars pop out. I changed the location to the birth place of my dad and used the title ‘Your Birth Day’ in the font Railway Regular. You really can choose from so many different options that it will suit everyone’s taste.

It arrived promptly within a week and came well packaged in a hard cardboard tube so as not to get damaged. Inside, the print also had a layer of tissue paper to help avoid any scratches to the print. The print is great quality and once framed, it looks so special. I found a frame I thought my dad would like, framed it with a contrasting white frame and it’s now ready to give him on his birthday.

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