Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

With Valentine’s Day nearly upon us, I thought I had better start putting together a few ideas (and of course hints!) of little gifts that would say ‘I Love You’ without breaking the bank.

Now, as a couple, my husband and I didn’t used to celebrate Valentine’s day because our ‘anniversary’, until we got married, was on the 21st February so we always did something a little more special the following week. However, now we are married and our anniversary falls in July, we have started to get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day more and more. For us, it’s just an excuse to make time for each other and eat nice food so we don’t go crazy.

Here is a small list of things that you might like to consider to show your loved one that you care.

For her:

If you’re not in to chocolates and flowers and want to get something with a little more longevity, why not look for something that can be seen year round and will remind your loved one of you every time they see it? Graham & Brown have some lovely items that would work perfectly for Valentine’s; my favourite though have to be the Wooden Hearts Cushion and the butterfly Love Shaped Letters.

Wooden Heart

The Wooden Hearts Cushion is large at 50X50cm so perfect for snuggling up on the sofa with and it stays nice and plump and doesn’t look flat after use as it’s been stuffed to the brim with polyester hollow fibre. It’s make from 100% cotton and is really soft and beautiful. I love it because it could go anywhere: the bedroom, the lounge, the conservatory, in a snug and it wouldn’t look out of place as it’s neural colours would work in any room.


The Love Shaped Letters are gorgeous, I really like these. I think they are a great idea for any girl’s room or indeed to add a splash of colour to your living room kitchen or conservatory. They are made from wood and the nice thing about these letters is the fact they can either be hung on the wall or used as decorative ornaments on a shelf or cabinet. Again they can be used all year round without looking out of place and your loved one will think of you whenever they see them. My daughter already has her eye on these and keeps asking for some for her room!

Pink Parcel 1

Pink Parcel is the next monthly gift subscription idea. Now, I don’t know about you but I always love receiving a surprise in the post. I know this wouldn’t be your traditional Valentine’s gift (and perhaps not one for a first Valentine’s!) but actually the thought behind this gift would be lovely.

Pink Parcel 3

Each month (at that time of the month where we can sometimes feel our worst- ok I mean when we’re cranky as hell and full of spots!!) you receive a gorgeously packed parcel with your favourite brand necessities but to make you feel special, you also receive a surprise pack of goodies too! This is the best bit because I have received make up and cream that I wouldn’t usually buy (I do tend to be a creature of habit) but I love them and would definitely buy them again. My favourite products from the box I received had to be the concealer, because which mum doesn’t need that, and the cream eye liner which I now use almost daily. At £5.99 for your first box and £9.99 for each box after (including delivery), I think this is a unique and very thoughtful gift idea.



I know lots of people who love their stationary as much as I do and so a really lovely idea is getting them a really gorgeous notebook in their initial. Alphabooks are individually shaped books in the shape of letters and they have been bound beautifully and have a buckgram spine which is embellished with gold foil to give it that touch of class. The thing I like about Alphabooks is the idea that they can be a practical gift as well as used as a display. You could buy the letters to display a name, message or date or just their initial but it’s bound to make the stationary lovers out there feel special.

Boompods 1

Boompods powercase for iPhone. I can’t tell you how much I use my phone and sometimes it just isn’t practical to take a charger with you but you know you’re going to run your battery down. Well the Boompods Powercase really IS the answer. I was a little sceptical about it giving you 130% extra battery life but it does – if not, more! So, my poor husband has my hand-me-down iPhone which I used to death (as he also has a company phone) and the battery life of a 2-year-old iPhone isn’t great so I got this product for him to see if it would help increase the battery life just a little. In fact, it was so good, it gave him an extra day and a half of battery life!

Boompods 2

It’s a little heavy (as you would expect, it being an additional battery and all) but it’s very slim in design and fits the phone really well. It’s not the sort of case you would necessarily use everyday (unless you use your phone A LOT!) but for those family trips out and weekends away, it’s brilliant. I couldn’t get over how good the charge was and how well the phone lasted. It does take a while for the battery to go up to 100% charge again, but if you leave it turned on, it does get there. I will be looking to get myself one of these too now!


The wireless headpods from Boompods are another great gift for the music lover in your life; if they travel/commute a lot these headphones are great. They block out a lot of the ambient noise around you leaving you able to enjoy the music you want to hear. An added bonus being they don’t seem to have that horrible noise pollution thing going on where your music leaks out o everyone around you can hear it too. My husband has to travel for work and would use these a lot. They even come with a nifty pouch to keep the headphones and wires in for charging etc.

These headphones have another bonus feature- because they have a built in microphone, you can actually receive calls while they are on without having to faff around and find your phone. The sound quality is really good for both calls and listening to music; a great pair of headphones that fold down for more convenient travel.


A final must-have from Boompods is their downdraft wireless portable speaker. It’s really small and compact but looks good. It’s so small that you can put it in your bag and you really wouldn’t notice that it’s in there. It’s size however doesn’t impact on its sound quality. Its inconspicuous design means you can put this absolutely anywhere in your home, office, garden and it won’t look out of place. It works within 10m of your wireless device and doesn’t get interference. The sound quality is great and because of its unique design, it is able to provide 360 degree sound at amazing quality. Unlike some portable speakers, you don’t need batteries and the rechargeable lithium battery lasts up to 8 hours of playback time. This is more than enough for our needs and is perfect for listening to music over dinner or just to have a boogie to.

speaker 2

For Him

Ok, so there’s a lot that you could get ‘for him’ in the unisex options above but I think it’s a cute idea to get him some PJs too. Aldi have a fantastic range of men’s PJs that go live in their Special Buys range on the 1st February. They have a choice of longer lounge pants or shorty pyjamas and they both come in under £10. They are made from 100%, really soft cotton and wash really well too. (Hubby wouldn’t let me post a pic!)


Tom Carter offer some really gorgeous watches which would be perfect for a special gift; they have a range of different designs available (and at prices to suit a range of budgets). They combine fitness and fashion and there are currently 16 different models available in the UK.

If your man isn’t into PJs, another idea that always seems to go down well in my house is a pair of tickets for something they like (in my house it would be rugby). You really can personalise this in any way you like.

I really hope that you have enjoyed reading this and it’s given you a little inspiration for your own special Valentine’s Day.



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